Show your pets some love with PEMF therapy!

February is the month of love with Valentine’s Day and on the 20th February its National Love Your Pet Day.

Pets and any other animals can benefit from PEMF therapy. Recently PEMFs have been used to help the koala bears affected by the Australian Wildfires.

PEMF therapy devices come in different forms, ones that can be put under your pet’s bed, and ones that are mats your pet can lie or sit on.

With the EarthPulse Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy device, you can set the timer for 12 hours, place it under your pet’s bed and they can get 12 hours’ worth of PEMF therapy with no supervision required!

The ePad Friends and OMI are PEMF therapy devices in a mat form. The ePad friends PEMF device has an automatic switch on when your pet sits on it. You can view these devices here.

PEMFs are great for animals with injuries and conditions such as arthritis, when using PEMFs on your pet you will also notice a difference in their mobility, mood, and energy.

People often turn to PEMF therapy when a problem occurs, but it can be used for longevity and wellbeing. PEMF therapy works as well on animals as it does on people.

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