Lyme Disease and PEMF Therapy.

Lyme disease is transmitted through a tick bite and can cause a rash, dizziness, headaches and other flu-like symptoms in the beginning. Antibiotics will be prescribed by your GP although sometimes with severe symptoms, individuals can be referred to a specialist. Most rashes will appear within 4 weeks of contact with a tick however it can take up to 3 months for symptoms to appear.

It affects different people in different ways, however, if after antibiotics have run their course and symptoms still occur, PEMF therapy can be used to help. If the lethargic, flu-like feeling persists then PEMF therapy can be introduced into everyday life to improve these symptoms when they become chronic.

Lyme disease symptoms can be compared to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Both of these can also be helped with PEMFs.

We recommend for those with Lyme disease to use a full body system but low intensity, so the entire body receives PEMF therapy but it is a gradual process. The reason we recommend low intensity is because that way you are gradually reducing symptoms with everyday use and building your cells back up. We would normally recommend the same to someone with Fibromyalgia. PEMF therapy will improve circulation and reduce pain which is essential to those with this condition, for them to see real improvement.

Dr Pawluk mentions in one of his articles on Lyme disease and PEMFs that ‘the major value of PEMFs, is that they can be purchased and used in the home setting at one’s convenience, at one’s own schedule.’

Lyme Advise also state that – ‘Large numbers of patients within the Lyme community are experiencing greater health and a lessoning of symptoms during treatment by utilizing various forms of PEMF therapy.’

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