Lyme Disease and PEMF Therapy.

Lyme Disease is a disease transmitted to humans normally via ticks. Ticks normally live in grassy, wooded areas and more commonly attach to and live on their hosts. Hosts can include us humans unfortunately. When Lyme disease develops it can cause lot’s of unpleasant symptoms such as rashes, dizziness, headaches and other flu-like symptoms. The rashes will normally appear within 4 weeks of being bitten although in some cases it can take up to 3 months for any symptoms to appear. Doctors will normally prescribe antibiotics for Lyme disease. On some occasions however, symptoms may persist past antibiotic treatment and this is when they can become chronic. This is where PEMF therapy can become extremely beneficial.

Lyme disease symptoms can be similar to those that come with Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Both of these can also be helped with PEMFs. As those with Lyme disease will know, the symptoms can affect all different parts of the body and overall can have you feeling tired and lethargic which is why we recommend using a full body system for treating the symptoms that come with this disease. This way your entire body will receive treatment rather than one specific area. Lyme Advise state that – ‘Large numbers of patients within the Lyme community are experiencing greater health and a lessoning of symptoms during treatment by utilizing various forms of PEMF therapy.’

There are many benefits of using PEMF therapy and one of them is that you can bring the therapy to the comfort of your own home and day to day life. Dr Pawluk (PEMF therapy expert) mentions in one of his articles on Lyme disease that ‘the major value of PEMFs, is that they can be purchased and used in the home setting at one’s convenience, at one’s own schedule.’

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