Reflexology Week 2016

This week is reflexology week, and so I’m trying out NewMed’s MAS system which has a reflexology setting. But first things first, what is reflexology? Reflexology is a non-invasive therapy with the theory that different points on the body e.g. feet or hands correspond with different areas of the body, thus by accessing the right pressure points, pain can be […]

Big walks 2016

The RSPCA run a series of dog walking events called Big Walkies throughout England and Wales to protect more animals and help them find loving new homes! Yesterday, Sunday 11th September, we got together as team and created our own ‘pooch troop’ with our furry friends, Alfie, Buddy, Coco, Marley and Betty to participate in the Big Walkies at Mote […]

Not just a headache; Migraine Awareness Week

Every year on the first Sunday in September the migraine trust help to raise general awareness of migraines by highlighting facts and reducing the stigma, all during 7 days called Migraine Awareness Week. Migraines affect 1 in 7 people, that’s over eight million people in the United Kingdom alone, making it more prevalent than diabetes, epilepsy and asthma combined. Unfortunately, […]

Kristina Sedge – PR & Communications Coordinator

Hiya, Kumusta ka na?? My name is Kristina, but most people call me Krissy. I work for Bedfont Scientific, NewMed’s parent company, and I am the PR & Communications Coordinator. It is my job to create our company’s profile both online and offline, through social media, press releases, advertising and such and now I am also helping NewMed grow the […]

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