FlexPulse PEMF therapy device

Recharge your cellular energy for peak performance during ski season!

With it being ski season we thought it would be the perfect time to tell you that PEMF therapy is great for skiers and snowboarders. Being out on the slopes all day can have an effect on your body as your basically working out for hours across several days, which you probably wouldn’t normally do. PEMFs can help you sleep and achieve that muscle recovery time, to hit the slopes again the next day!

Also if you pick up a skiing injury then PEMF therapy is an amazing pain management tool that enhances recovery, among other things.

A great device for hitting the slopes is the FlexPulse as it offers a higher intensity PEMF device and portable. You can pop the pads under your pillow at night and you can apply them to any areas of the body that need to feel the power of PEMF! If you use the device in the morning too before you go on the slopes, it will help boost muscle performance. With the higher intensities of the FlexPulse PEMF therapy system, it makes it easier to recharge the whole body for peak performance.

To find out more about the FlexPulse click here.

Its always good to hear how other people have found their experience with PEMF devices. You can read some reviews from people about their PEMF therapy experiences here.


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