PEMF therapy for animals with arthritis

Arthritis is not just found in humans but it is found in our animals too. Did you know that ‘Arthritis is one of the most common ailments affecting middle aged to senior dogs and cats. It can be a source of chronic pain and negatively affect their quality of life.’ It can affect animals of all ages.

When joints become inflamed just like us, our pets suffer too with the pain. So, if you use pulsed electromagnetic field therapy for the same condition, why not use it on your pets as well? The same way it does for us, PEMF therapy  pulsates through the body working to repair damaged cells and reduce the inflammation that causes Arthritis. Dr Pawluk is a PEMF therapy expert and he claims that ‘The conditions that are very responsive to PEMFs therapies in animals include arthritis’.

PEMF therapy can be used on our beloved animals for many other conditions or just for general well being too.

Unlike us though, our animals can’t tell us where the pain is or what’s causing it, they show signs instead, I had a little research and found some of the first indications your dog/animal could be showing that they are suffering with Arthritis are:

  • Stiffness when walking
  • Slowing down in pace
  • Limping
  • Swollen/hot joints
  • Narrowing of the hips

So, why not invest in your pets health? Remember PEMF therapy is for the whole household to use!

We have two systems for smaller pets and a range of PEMF systems for horses as well. Click on the links below to shop!


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