Top 5 full body PEMF therapy devices – an unbiased review.

Top 5 Full Body PEMF Therapy Devices to be used in the home, an unbiased review.

I was fed up of seeing manufacturers of PEMF therapy devices circulating “un-biased” reviews of PEMF devices when their device always comes top. You can tell it’s them, as most of them link to their shop page at the bottom. They use tactics such as stating their ‘key selling features’ are a must-have in a device and without these key features you won’t get the results. Also commonly the WAVEFORM is referenced a lot as this is something else you can change by the manufacturer, but many argue that the variations of the waveform are not that effectual. They know that by using these tactics they rule out the competition without bad-mouthing them, but it’s just simply not factual. Yes, some devices have features that others don’t, but do we need these features or is it just clever marketing?

As Managing Director of a company who specialise in PEMF devices from a range of manufacturers and many years’ experience in the field, I have decided to write my own, independent review of PEMF therapy devices from listening to our customer’s feedback and experiences. Hopefully, this will help others when making decisions on investing in their own device.

When we strip back to the fundamentals of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Devices. What is important? What makes a good device? The range of FREQUENCIES offered the INTENSITY settings and the placement of the coils that generate the pulsed magnetic fields. Do we need any additional smart features? Do we need any additional gadgets? 9 times out of 10… no! You just need a tried and tested system,  something which is offering you the right range of frequencies and intensity for your specific needs.

It is also narrow-minded to state that there is one device that fits all. We can get close to saying this with some of the top-rated devices, but everyone is different and everyone reacts differently to the therapy. The therapy is not condition-specific and this is why we encourage our customers to contact us in the first instance so we can do our best to point them in the right direction. This also depends on the time someone has to dedicate to sitting on one of the devices for any given time period each day.

So, let’s get to it…

No.1:  Curatron XPSE (also referred to as Parmeds Pro Special in some countries)

The Curatron XPSE model is one of our most popular systems and in our opinion the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to PEMF therapy for the home setting. Curatronic have been in the market for many years and there is a reason for this. Their device is extremely well made and although it may appear slightly dated, there is no reason to update its look. These devices very rarely come back to us for any technical issues and the customer return rate for the satisfaction of results is nearly negligible.

Curatron PEMF therapy device
Curatron PEMF therapy device

Curatron devices set themselves aside from the rest as they offer the highest intensity in their full-body mats that you are likely to find on the homecare market and we see such quick results because of this. There are many arguments online about low vs high-intensity devices (mostly written by low-intensity manufacturers), but how can we argue when the results are right in front of us and the customer feedback of these devices are always outstanding. As well as the impressive intensities these devices offer, you have the ability to reduce the power using certain programs, which allows it to offers high, medium, and low intensity in one.

The mat itself is comfortable to lay on, which again is important when you will be spending a lot of time on these. They can be placed on a bed, a large sofa, or therapy bed in a spare room, so you can enjoy some alone time. The coils inside are also quite unique to other systems. They are large coils using a lot of copper wire and a lot thicker than most systems as this is mainly to create those high intensities. Another result of these thicker coils is that we never see any issues with them breaking, which is a more common problem with lower intensity devices. Once a copper wire inside breaks the circuit is no longer complete and the device will need to be repaired, but this is not really an issue with the Curatron units.

The device only has 10 pre-set programs, which I see as a huge benefit. You really do not need a million different programs when it comes to PEMF devices. It’s better to make the use of the system simple and so you will use it more often. The programs themselves rarely stay on one frequency, so they still offer the body a range of frequencies to avoid becoming accustomed to one frequency. If you require the ability to design your own program, you can with their PC compatible version of the XPSE.

Overall the Curatron XPSE is a very well rounded device. If you have the budget, then this is the one you should go to get the best and quickest results. As with all PEMF devices, we still encourage a healthy lifestyle and diet including vitamins to get the most out of them, plus staying hydrated. The XPSE definitely gets the results and with the intensities, it offers its great for long term chronic conditions as well as those conditions that require deeper penetration, such as bone and cartilage issues.

No.2: BioMag Lumina Home Package

Biomag Lumina Home PEMF device
Biomag Lumina Home PEMF device

The BioMag Lumina 3D-E is a medium to high-intensity device and is also a top favorite of ours and our customers, for so many reasons. This device is proud to hold many medical registrations in Europe. It comes with 6 preset and easy-to-use programs, including the ability to make your own unique program. As I said before it’s best to keep it simple. But if you have a number of friends/ family that want to use it or even thinking of setting up your own clinic, then you can upgrade the device by just inputting a code and then you will have easy access to more features such as intensity controls to really alter the programs that are right for you. The individual allows you to set your own frequency, intensity and time (clinic upgrade needed), if there is a certain program you want to design yourself. Customers often want to be able to do this when they have seen a successful study for their condition and they want to replicate it, but we often say that other programs are likely to work too, so this feature is not a necessity… but certainly nice to have. Usually, preset programs call upon the use of more than one frequency per program which we believe is much better than just setting the device to only use one frequency for the duration. It is possible for the body to become accustomed to one frequency and therefore it becomes less effective over time. Chop and changing between the 6 already preset programs gives the body all the tools needed to repair.

A great feature of the BioMag is its portability if you intend to move your device around. It comes with a carry case and internal battery, so you don’t have to be plugged into the grid to use it. There are options to take this device with a “Full Body” mat or a “¾ length” mat. I actually prefer the 3/4 length mat as it has its own advantages, as it can easily be used on a chair as well as a sofa and bed. this mat also makes it more portable and smaller to carry around. It also makes it possible to use it wrapped around a certain limb to intensify the treatment in that area. They call it the 3D effect.

For its portability, ease of use, the price point in the market, and results, it gets a huge thumbs up from myself and the team at NewMed.

No.3: BioBalance

Biobalance PEMF device
Biobalance PEMF device

The BioBalance is a great full-body device set at a medium to low intensity. So we generally recommend this device for general health and wellbeing but its stand out feature is its sleep options. The BioBalance gives you the option to set it for longer periods of time than most devices, giving you the ability to sleep on the device. This not only assists that your sleep is restful and deep but also so that you can manage your time well during the day and get your PEMF session while you are dreaming away.

The device only comes with 6 pre-set programs, which as I said before is not something to be seen as a negative. This makes it simple to use the device and a quick plug and play unit. No messing around but just straight into a PEMF session.

If you have little time on your hands in the day, then this is a good unit that can be used during sleep and delivers a PEMF session for a number of reasons (not just for sleep disorders) but maintaining a healthy body for repair.

No. 4: MAS

The MAS system is a medium intensity device and is also one that has been on the market for some time and therefore a well-established device. The stand out feature of this device is the number of selectable frequencies and the abilities the controller allows you to do when setting up treatment. This device is a great device, but we do not recommend for those that are new to PEMF but for those who maybe are more experienced and want the ability to create a range of their own custom programs.

MAS Special Multi+
MAS Special Multi+

The controller has many buttons and features that some customers just do not need and over completes things, but for those who want these features, it’s great. It’s very customisable and allows changing the frequency, intensity, time and even polarity and wavelength for each program you create.

If you want something you can fully customise this is your unit, but from experience, this often confuses things and we find that you will still get the results with the more simple to use devices, without all these abilities and just using the proven pre-set programs.

No. 5: Magnetovital Wellness (F200)

The Magnetovital range of devices are low-intensity devices and from a ‘not so well’ known supplier located in Germany. They pride themselves in hand made and quality products for less cost than the bigger players in low intensity.

Magnetovital Wellness PEMF Device
Magnetovital Wellness PEMF Device

Although low intensity, their stand out feature is the 16 copper coils inside the mat compared to most of the suppliers 6 or 8. This allows for better coverage around the body. When it comes to low intensity more coverage is better. As you move further away from the coils the PEMF’s get weaker. With already low intensities, this means you have to be very close to each coil to ensure a good spread of the PEMF’s around the body.

These were the first devices NewMed offered and we still offer them now due to their amazing build quality and competitive prices. They also offer a version that acts as a mattress topper, so that you can sleep on the mat while receiving the PEMF session.

Why can’t you find a PEMF device on our list of top 5, which you expected to see there?

This could be for a number of reasons but most of these are quite simple. We don’t endorse ‘multi-level selling techniques’, which unfortunately some on the PEMF manufacturers adopt. The common result of multi-level selling is that the price of the device is commonly very high for its technical abilities. That’s not to say that the device is not good, but it could mean that you are paying more for your buck. These are very often the same manufacturers that use key selling features as a ‘must-have’.

It could also be because the devices are not available in Europe and don’t have the certifications needed to sell in the UK and Europe. Therefore we don’t have experience with them and we cannot comment.

Lastly, it could just be because the device simply didn’t make our top 5, recommended by our customers.

Below is a quick comparison table.


The devices mentioned in this review and their comments are the opinions of our own and our customers, they are not to replace any medical advice obtained by a doctor and we do not claim to be medical professionals.

 Andy Smith – Managing Director, NewMed Ltd. 


5 thoughts on “Top 5 full body PEMF therapy devices – an unbiased review.

    • […] Localised PEMF devices are great and have their benefits, especially when travelling, however in our opinion if you are new to PEMF’s and you want to start out, we suggest a full body PEMF device is usually the first place to start due to the huge range of benefit for the entire body and not just one area. Where you are likely to see benefits from using a localised PEMF device only, is mainly in the event of recent and acute injuries to one area, sleep & neurological issues. There are other exceptions, however we find full body PEMF devices are the best starting point. Having a full body and localised device is the gold standard and where you will get most benefits, but if you can only afford one, then we suggest looking at full body devices first. You can find my review of ‘full body PEMF’s’ HERE. […]

    • Very interesting review and a fair and unbiased summary of the market place. I like the use of your customers comments which have informed your selection, along with your view of the market and product specification.

    • Hey there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to check it
      out. I’m definitely enjoying the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers!
      Terrific blog and superb design and style.

    • Thanks a lot for a very detailed review. What is your opinion of FIR/PEMF combination mats?

      • NewMed

        Hi Richard,

        Thanks for reading. PEMF therapy can be used as a complementary therapy alongside other alternative methods however we have not used an FIR/PEMF combination mat, so I’m afraid we cannot give an opinion on them. Have you used one yourself?

        If you have any further questions, please do contact us.

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