Down to Earth – PEMF devices and grounding mats

I have been watching ‘Down to Earth’ on Netflix and on one of the episodes the cast travel to France. When they arrive, Darin Olien takes off his shoes and goes and walks on the grass barefoot, and encourages Zac Efron to do the same. He said that he likes to feel grounded again every time he travels somewhere new, connecting himself to the Earth’s natural magnetic field.

Before PEMFs were discovered people got Earthing energies by walking on the ground or hugging trees, but it’s a very low-intensity way of magnetic field production.

When you have a PEMF therapy system you are going to gain much more magnetic field energy production and benefit than you would from traditional earthing activities.

People like to use earthing mats too, which can be used alongside PEMF therapy devices but the PEMF devices will be stronger than the earthing mat and exceed its magnetic field production, they will also be more beneficial for you.


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