Top 5 Localised PEMF therapy devices, an unbiased review.

Top 5 Localised PEMF therapy devices, an unbiased review.

As Managing Director of a company that specializes in the distribution of PEMF devices, from a range of manufacturers and many years’ experience in the field, I have decided to write my own independent review of PEMF therapy systems. This review has been based on listening to our customer’s feedback and experiences and hopefully, it will help others when making their decisions on their own device. I am fed up of seeing PEMF reviews online written by manufacturers, as they always benefit from their own products and often use their key selling features as a ‘must-have’, when they are not always necessary or compulsory to have in a PEMF system.

Localised PEMF devices are great and have their benefits, especially when traveling, however in our opinion, if you are new to PEMF’s and you want to start out, we suggest a full body PEMF device is usually the first place to start due to the huge range of benefit for the entire body and not just one area. Where you are likely to see benefits from using a localised PEMF device only, is mainly in the event of recent and acute injuries to one area, sleep & neurological issues. There are other exceptions, however we find full-body PEMF devices are the best starting point. Having a full body and localised device is the gold standard and where you will get the most benefits, but if you can only afford one, then we suggest looking at full body devices first. You can find my review of ‘full body PEMF’s’ HERE.

No. 1 FlexPulse

FlexPulse PEMF therapy device
FlexPulse PEMF therapy device

The FlexPulse comes top of our tree, when looking at localised PEMF devices due to a number of reasons, but mainly its multi-functionality and uses. I originally started using a FlexPulse after a sprained ankle injury. I found that it brought the inflammation down quickly and it was really easy to apply and use with the small applicators. Usually, a sprained ankle would take me months to recover from, but this time it was a matter of weeks before I was back in the sport. After this experience, I started to experiment with what else it could be used for.

I researched through the manual and explanations of the different programs that can be found. There are 6 loaded onto the device and all are unique. Program 1&2 are based around the 10Hz frequency due to a number of studies around 10Hz and its benefits. Most of the programs use a background frequency too, so that our bodies are constantly stimulated. Program 1 and 2 are the ‘go-to’ programs to start on for most things, including injuries and I find them so beneficial! Program 3 also became a quick favorite of mine! Program 3 is based on the ‘delta’ brain wave frequencies and when placing an applicator under your pillow can assist you to get a deep and restful sleep! This is when our body recovers and prepares us for the day ahead. I rarely sleep without this little gadget close by now. Program 4 is the most natural frequency based on that of the earth’s frequencies. Program 5 is for alertness and a perfect companion when traveling and resetting the body clock when suffering from jet lag. By placing a coil at the back of your neck, it will be like taking a coffee without the caffeine crash and bad breath after! Lastly, program 6 was designed to treat migraines but has also been used for a number of brain disorders with great effect.

The device itself is pocket-sized and the applicators are easy to put anywhere on the body. I often apply it and go shopping without anyone knowing it’s there. Its battery operated and comes with 2 applicators to use on both sides of the area if required, but to get the maximum intensity of 200 Gauss, one applicator is recommended at a time.

All in all the FlexPulse has so many uses and benefits. I never travel without this little guy! With the nature of my business, I am often overseas visiting manufacturers of PEMF devices often and especially when I don’t have access to a full-body unit, this device is an essential travel partner. Other than when I travel, this sits on my bedside table at night dragging me into a deep sleep so that I am ready to hit the next day. It’s easy to see why this device is our number one once you have used it for a while.

No. 2 EarthPulse

The EarthPulse is not far behind the FlexPulse in our opinion and actually a huge benefit over the FlexPulse with this device is the available intensities. The EarthPulse comes in different variants offering one or two applicators as standard. The Pro version has the ability to reach intensities of 1100 Gauss, which is amazing when you consider its size and cost. The only reason this device sits at number two and not one is that it’s just not as portable and easy to use as the FlexPulse.

Earthpulse PEMF therapy device
EarthPulse PEMF therapy device

Due to the intensities, the applicators have to be bigger to incorporate a larger coil to generate the power. These are just as easy to apply but not as discrete or portable at the FlexPulse applicators. Having said this, the EarthPulse is not one to be overlooked. It’s been on the market for a good while and it has a good name and strong brand for a reason.

This system has 10 programs, 9 of which are pre-set and one can be adjusted manually, which is another huge benefit of this device and give you the ability to create your own program essentially. Just like the FlexPulse, some programs have a range of frequencies, and some produce a single frequency. All frequencies in the EarthPulse are below 14.1 Hz as they want to be seen as using the most natural frequencies, deriving from the name I assume.

This device is marketed mostly towards sleep, but its possibilities don’t end there. As a sleep device, it’s great. You can put an applicator in the bed with you or around your pillow. At the intensities, it offers you can even leave in on the bedside table and it will reach you easily. Not only a great sleep aid, but also for injuries and localised chronic conditions can take a beating from this device. An easy contender in 2nd place, if not joint first!

No. 3 Medicur Pro

Medicur Pro PEMF therapy device
Medicur Pro PEMF therapy device

The reason the low-intensity Mediur Pro makes our top 5 is simple and that’s how I am going to keep this entry… short and sweet…

It’s a well-rounded and proven PEMF device that’s been on the market for a long time and even used in the NHS in the UK healthcare system. It’s so simple and easy to use and comes with a strap to keep it in place. It comes with 3 buttons only and that’s all you need for this simple device. We generally recommend using each button depending on the time of day you are using it to keep it even simpler. 20Hz in the morning, 7.8Hz throughout the day, and 3Hz in the late evening and if needed during the night.

Its main applications are for anything related to that four-letter word… pain! We see a lot of these devices going to the older generation, due to its ease of use and simple application.

Not one to be ignored, but does lack the intensity for more chronic issues.

No. 4 Bellabee

Bellabee PEMF therapy device
Bellabee PEMF therapy device

The Bellabee is a newly released device, but I really feel it needs a mention in this list. It is also different from the other localised devices as its main application is not sleep or pain, but it has a particular focus on neurological concerns. The device is worn on the back of the head and connected to a smartphone and app. Usually, this overcomplicates PEMF devices and makes them a pain to use quickly, but this device works well with its app, and it is getting some really good feedback in the market.

This approach was attempted before with a product called the ElfEmmit and although this device got a lot of good feedback and responses it was so poorly made it often broke after a few uses. The company then disappeared after the huge return rate stunted them. The Bellabee is similar to these principles but in a much sturdier design. We often see the younger folk using these devices due to the compatibility with their phones, but also for concentration during exams or in the workplace office setting. As well as the useful concentration settings, these devices are often used for meditation and relaxing. It does also have a sleep setting, but we find customers don’t find them comfortable to sleep in and would prefer the FlexPulse or EarthPulse for sleep in particular.

It’s still early days for this device, but it’s looking promising.

No.5 ActiPatch

Actipatch PEMF therapy device
Actipatch PEMF therapy device

The ActiPatch just has to be in our top 5, even though it’s one of the most cost-effective PEMF devices on the market. The reason for this is that it’s a great introduction and entry-level to PEMF’s and a way of trying the power of PEMF if you are a skeptic. Saying this, it obviously has its limitations… but as a quick fix to a sore muscle or pain relief device, these can be super effective in most cases.

It is VERY LOW INTENSITY, however, it runs continuously, which is uncommon for a PEMF device. You literally strap it on and forget it’s there. The battery lasts 30 days in worst cases, but I have a drawer full of these at home and they never seem to die! I use them when I have done something whilst training for example and I want to treat in-between my main treatment on a full-body PEMF mat.

Due to their cost and portability of wearing under clothes, these devices are great and they work so well. We have many customers who buy these and end up purchasing bigger systems once they realise the healing power of PEMF’s.

Why can’t you find a PEMF device on our list of top 5, which you expected to see there?

This could be for a number of reasons but most of these are quite simple. We don’t endorse ‘multi-level selling techniques’, which unfortunately some of the PEMF manufacturers adopt. The common result of multi-level selling is that the price of the device is commonly very high for its technical abilities. That’s not to say that the device is not good, but it could mean that you are paying more for your buck. These are very often the same manufacturers that use key selling features as a ‘must-have’.

It could also be because the devices are not available in Europe and don’t have the certifications needed to sell in the UK and Europe. Therefore we don’t have experience with them and we cannot comment.

Lastly, it could just be because the device simply didn’t make our top 5, recommended by our customers.

Include the comparison table of these 5 devices at the end of this review (without prices):

The devices mentioned in this review and their comments are the opinions of our own and our customers, they are not to replace any medical advice obtained by a doctor and we do not claim to be medical professionals.

Andy Smith, Managing Director – NewMed Ltd 

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    • I was reading an advert for a gadget for pain relief today, and I must say that the Medicur device I bought some years ago is still working. In fact I have been using it again lately as I have raked it out recently for quite severe pain in my upper hip area, which is caused by my ongoing osteoporosis, which 4 years ago collapsed some vertebrae. I have been fighting the result ever since. I am housebound and use sticks if I am taken out. It still works and I have never changed the battery. I have always trusted that the power never interferes with the deterioration of my bones. My husband, who passed away last Easter after being very ill for two years, used a Tens machine, but I always stuck with my Medicur. I felt it was better than Tens, but my husband wanted, I think, to feel the Tens device working.
      I have never understood how the power has never waned. I never paid the high price it is now and wonder why it is so expensive. I think more people would use this device if it was less expensive. It looks the same as mine. It has gone everywhere with me and is on my bed every night. I still have all the literature as well that you provided with it.

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