The Curatron range

It is no secret that the Curatron systems are our bestsellers in high intensity PEMF therapy. We recommend these systems to a lot of our customers, below are just some of the reasons each system is so highly recommended by us. There is a system for everyone and that’s why we think it is such a great range of products.

Whats programs can I choose on the Curatron? And how do they compare?

Here at NewMed we are often asked about the Curatron programs, from the outside the devices within the Curatron range can look very similar but if you delve a little deeper the programs vary considerably. To help answer your questions we have rated each system on the pre-set or customisable programs available.

Curatron Home

The Curatrom Home PEMF programs are the easiest to use, there are 10 pre-set programs ranging from low intensity (Circulation and Relaxation) to high intensity (Fracture Healing), the lower intensity programs also conveniently reduce the treatment time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes making them perfect for the highly sensitive or new users of PEMF therapy.

(+) Positives – Easy to use


(-) Negatives – Limited guidance for some health conditions compared to other Curatron models


Our verdict: A great range of PEMF programs for home use!

Curatron XPSE

Unlike the Curatron Home the XPSE programs are intended to be used in sequence, this triples the program range of the device so the 10 programs can actually be used on 32 individual health conditions, numbers are listed in order so for example low back pain is program # 2 & 3 you would follow this by using program 2 one day and program 3 the next day, you could then repeat this sequence as desired. There are also two program options which can reduce the overall intensity of the programs by 1 and 2 thirds respectively.


(+) Positives – Larger range of program applications.


(-) Negatives – Lack of program customisation could be limiting when treating other people.


Our verdict: A more advanced Curatron system with an ingenious way of keeping program selection easy yet maximising the applications.

 Curatron PC

The Curatron PC is the next step up in the Curatron range and while the intensity is the same as the XPSE the PC connectivity option is a game changer that allows access to a larger range of pre-set programs and the ability to customise a program. The PC software allows treatment notes to be added and both the frequency, duration and intensity are fully customisable so the treatments are more precise.


(+) Positives – Larger range of program applications

(-) Negatives –Intensity could be restrictive when compared to the high intensity Curatron 3D.


Our verdict: Perfect for treating yourself or others, personalised programs allow you to treat with precision.

Curatron 3D

The Curatron 3D has the highest intensity full body mat on the market combined with the PC connectivity this allows for personalised programs with a more effective full body mat and pillow pad. A Curatron 3D could be used at home but it is ideal for a clinical setting as the combination of high intensity and customisable programs give a professional feel to this device. Along with the customisable programs there are 72 pre-set programs to cover a wide variety of applications. The 3D programs are particularly effective when used with the 1600 Gauss Butterfly Coil as this high intensity localised applicator can be used in combination with the full body mat for a variety of treatments.


(+) Positives – Higher intensity programs


(-) Negatives – A home or new user could need additional support with this system.


Our verdict: Perfect for Clinics and one of the most sophisticated devices in the Curatron Range!

We hope this blog made making a decision on which system is best for you, a little easier. If you need more assistance; don’t hesitate to call us!

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