PEMF therapy for neck pain

‘‘After years of neck pain, I am finally free to move easily without stiffness and pain. An age-old problem that has affected my life for over 25 years has finally been put to bed’’.

Charlie used the Magnetovital wellness PEMF therapy mat for long term neck pain. He told us…

“Throughout my teens and twenties playing football was a big part of my life. The moment I hit 30 I started to feel what all those years of physical activity had done to my body on and off the pitch. My main problem was my neck, which was often stiff, would click and just generally cause me pain from day to day. At least 25 years ago I started physiotherapy and other various therapies on my neck. As this seemed to improve my symptoms I have had to continue with physiotherapy for the majority of my adult life. With or without physiotherapy I am in intermittent pain, but if I do not have a month of physiotherapy/massage my neck will get worse and I really am in a world of pain. I have trouble sleeping and it really affects the relationship I have with my grandchildren and my own children, as I struggle to play games with them like any normal granddad/ father should. As a result of the sleep deprivation, I can be grumpy and stressed, which has a knock-on effect on my work and home life. All in all, it’s a really bad chain of events and a complete pain in the neck, pardon the pun!

I found NewMed were advertising a life with less pain and a device that could cure me of most physical problems. Having tried most things, I was keen to find out more, but with a slightly sceptical mind following many failed attempts in the past. ‘‘It’s easy’’ they said, ‘‘just lay on the mat with this around your neck and your pain will be gone in no time’’. I took to the internet and investigated PEMF therapy. I couldn’t find any side effects and only the positives and many successful case studies performed in the past. Eventually, I got in contact with the company.

Still a bit pessimistic, I started the PEMF therapy and it was as easy as the guys had said. I just laid on the mat with the cuff around my neck for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening. The mat is really portable and I even took it to work and used it while working to save time. It wasn’t long before I started to feel the results. Within a week I could move my neck further than before with less pain. I thought this may be due to the better sleep I seemed to be having that week, so I powered on into the next week increasing the therapy time by 5 minutes. Towards the end of the second week, I couldn’t believe the results. I nearly had full rotation in my neck and the pain was nearly gone! I remember thinking this is incredible, but even now I thought this was just a temporary thing and the pain would come back in no time. I used the PEMF system for the 3rd, 4th and 5th week and I now have full mobility of my neck and the pain has completely gone. I still use the system as and when I can, but not every day as before and I have a completely different life. My neck has a new lease of life, I sleep every night for 8 hours and my day to day mood and stress is minimal. The little ones have their Granddad/ father back and I am now able to get back out on my bike every weekend as I used to. As for the football, I knocked that on the head many years ago!  If only I could change one thing, and that would be that I had found PEMF therapy before. Although it is a relatively new thing to the UK market, I found out it has been used successfully used in the USA and Germany for a good few years now.

Charlie did 2 therapies per day. Gradually increasing the strength as the weeks progressed. The Magnetovital Wellness PEMF mat that he used can be found here –

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