PEMF therapy for osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a condition where your bones lose strength, making them more likely to break. It is estimated that osteoporosis affects 3 million people in the UK and causes one broken bone every minute.

Did you know that one of the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is stronger bones?

PEMFs penetrate bones without any absorption, which means they can stimulate the entire volume of the bone in ways that beat almost any other approach. Dr. Pawluk explains in his book, how nutrition, hormones, and supplements saturate the body’s bones and provide the “bricks and mortar” to build new bone. When these are deficient, it is harder for new bone to be built. Even when they are all used together, they still require additional energy to effectively create new bone structures or enhance existing weakened bone. PEMFs provide this energy so the bones can use these building blocks more effectively.

Natural approaches such as PEMFs are safer, non-toxic alternatives to conventional medical therapies that carry other ill health side effects such as gastrointestinal problems.

Medical research has shown that magnetic fields can heal long-standing fractures. The FDA has approved PEMF therapy for the healing of non-union fractures. If you do research online you will come across several studies and evidence of this, and for PEMF and osteoporosis. One clinical trial in osteoporosis-prone women used PEMF therapy for 12 weeks and had their bone density analysed before, during and after the use of PEMF. The data collected confirmed that properly applied PEMFs for whole-body use could prevent and treat osteoporosis throughout the whole body.

PEMF therapy can be helpful for people with osteoporosis but cannot be relied upon as a sole treatment.  Along with exercise, supplements, and diet PEMF therapy can assist in preventing osteoporosis. Dr. Pawluk recommends using PEMFs as soon as possible before severe osteoporosis starts.

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