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Pain won’t get in the way of CrossFit with PEMF!

This week our MD; Andy has had to use PEMF therapy for pain in his leg. He said ”Being into my fitness and training CrossFit/OCRs at the moment I have managed to develop shin splints (self-diagnosed!) from overuse and too many heavy loads on one of my legs. Luckily in the office, we have access to a good range of the PEMF devices we offer. For ease of use at my desk and for the portability of the device I have been using the BioMag Magneto-therapy. Thanks to PEMF, I haven’t had to change or stop my training at all. Using the localised applicator combined with the light therapy that the BioMag device offers, I have managed to reduce the pain and inflammation after a week of treatments so I can continue doing what I love.”

Andy uses low-intensity PEMF therapy every day for wellbeing, general health & prevention maintenance. PEMF therapy doesn’t, unfortunately, work miracles and stop injuries occurring, and because of the excessively heavy loads, Andy is lifting in CrossFit it caused an injury. However, due to moving house he hasn’t used it for a few months; we wonder if this is why he got the pain as he hasn’t been having his daily doses (It’s important to use PEMFs daily – you know this Andy!).

Using the BioMag Magneto-therapy device which offers higher intensity PEMF therapy, will help to speed the recovery process much quicker than the low-intensity device. Sometimes it is ideal to have two PEMF therapy systems, a combination of both low and high-intensity systems.

Did you know that using PEMF therapy before a sporting event such as an OCR, can enhance your body’s performance (It is well known that PEMFs can offer an energy boost!) and reduce the risk of injury during the competition. PEMF is a safe, non-toxic therapy treatment so it’s perfect for people in sport, and the health-conscious!

The devices Andy uses can be found here:



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Dr Pawluk, medical authority on magnetic field therapy.

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