High Vs Low Intensities

Intensities are normally measured in Gauss. The intensity of a PEMF therapy system means the maximum strength of magnetic field the device is capable of achieving. Some systems have programme settings where they are capable of achieving both high and low intensities. Others are just high intensity or low intensity systems, normally used by individuals with specific needs or conditions. Dr Pawluk states in his book, Power Tools For Health, Page 13, that ”the intensity of a magnetic field is important, perhaps more so than any other component.”

High Intensity:

High intensity systems and devices are generally recommended for chronic conditions or symptoms that are appearing in more than one area. Arthritis, post surgery recovery, severe injuries ect. High intensity PEMFs have the ability to improve symptoms quickly, within 30 days in most cases, depending on the severity of the condition you are treating. PEMF systems can be used in both home and clinical settings. Most clinics have high powered systems, so that the treatment has a bigger impact on improving their clients symptoms. High Intensity systems are also known to penetrate PEMFs deeper into the body and its affected areas. Dr Pawluk explains this in his book by writing ‘if you are lying on an applicator with the goal being whole-body stimulation, then the magnetic field has to be of sufficient intensity to penetrate through to the opposite side of the body’ (Power tools for health – page 14).

Low Intensity:

The lower the intensity of the magentic field, the less affect it will have on the tissue or cells. So, for chronic conditions, severe injuries ect, low intensity is not normally recommended however this does not mean it wont still work for you, it just means to process of healing will be slower for more severe conditions and symptoms. For those struggling with sleep abnormalities, insomnia, stress or anxieties, normally a low intensity system would surffice. Low intensity systems provide low and theraputic levels of PEMF therapy. Sometimes less is more and these low intensity can help you relax into a better sleep. When I say PEMFs work at therapeutic its because they replicate the earths natural magentic field. This is why PEMFs are considered healing and therapeutic in many ways. A little PEMF therapy treatment a day can go a long way! If you are of good health, low intensity systems can really help you to maintain this and act as a prevention method for future health issues.


Power Tools For Health – William Pawluk, MD, MSc & Caitlin J Layne – Pages 11-14.

Intensity matters


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