PEMF therapy for muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness is very common, it normally occurs after exercise or other strenuous activities. PEMF therapy can be great at easing DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). PEMF therapy has the ability to stimulate all levels of the body, including muscles. Making recovery time from workouts or extreme sporting activity, much quicker. Some people may try massage, for example, to ease muscle soreness, however ‘in a review of 35 studies, massage proved only slightly effective in the relief of symptoms and signs of exercise-induced muscle damage’ – says Dr Pawluk (PEMF therapy expert) You can see his full article on this subject by clicking here. 

I also found another pilot study where PEMF therapy was used on marathon runners after a race. According to this study, there is an increasing amount of clinical evidence that supports PEMF therapy and the fact it can have a physiological effect on inflammation and tissue repair within the body. This particular pilot study indicated that ‘PEMF therapy can reduce quadriceps DOMS after a marathon race.’ – Click this link to view the whole pilot study.

Our Managing Director – Andy, also took part in an extremely intense, obstacle course called ‘Tough Guy’. He wrote us a blog post on his experience a few month’s ago and he also states how helpful PEMF therapy was with his muscle recovery after the race. Read his full story here.

So, if you’re looking for something to help you with the pain that comes with muscle soreness, look no further than PEMF therapy. It’s natural and non-invasive!


Pulsed electromagnetic fields help with muscle soreness after exercise

Tough Guy 2019.



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