Tough Guy 2019.

Our Managing Director, Andy, recently took part in the Tough Guy 2019 race. For those who don’t know what that is, its an obstacle course (OCR race) which sees participants run through cold lakes, up and down steep hills,  overcome wooden structures and jump over fire. To put it lightly. The race has been on-going since around 1986. Well, Andy completed it, so well done Andy!

As you can imagine, this kind of exercise would take a serious amount of preparation and a significant amount of recovery.  Which of course is where PEMF therapy comes in to help! So, here’s what Andy had to say about his experience:

‘At the end of January 2019, I took part in the infamous Tough Guy event in Wolverhampton. One that I have now ticked off my bucket list and hope to never have to endure again!! I remember getting within meters of the finish line and not being able to see it, I kept thinking to myself that I can’t continue and that I was at my limit with Hypothermia fully setting in! Tough Guy is completed in January and is meant to be cold and at the worst possible time of year to be getting in and out of muddy lakes.

I have been doing CrossFit leading up to the event, which wasn’t the best form of training for a running event and it also caused me to have a bad back from so much heavy lifting! For the two weeks leading up to the event, I was blasting myself with PEMFs on a daily basis with our office Biomag demo device that fits perfectly on my office chair. With days until the event, I managed to shift the lower back pain and fully recharge, ready to take on the elements.

I cannot stress how tough this event was! I have previously done many OCR’s (Obstacle Races) before this one and thought it would be similar, but this was a different experience completely and I have the utmost respect for anyone that makes it around the course in one piece! I think one-third of the entrants do not finish the event on the day due to a number of reasons. The main one being hypothermia! I definitely underestimated it and was a very lucky boy to make it round and actually in a pretty decent time. Any longer and I don’t think I would have been able to endure the cold.

I was so thankful when I got in the car and remembered to bring my FlexPulse with me!! I strapped an applicator to each leg and started a program to aid in the recovery of my calf muscles and also help with circulation to start the process of warming me up. Coupled with a very close bond with the warm blowers on the way home! Over the next few days, I was back on the office Biomag and back to CrossFit in no time, which I was surprised as I didn’t think I would be training again so soon.

I enjoyed the process of Tough Guy… but never again!!’



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