Diabetes and PEMF therapy.

In light of Diabetes week 2019, here is a short write up on the effectiveness of PEMF therapy and what it can do to help those who have diagnosed Diabetes.

There is so much research out there now, that supports the effectiveness of PEMF therapy. Some of the benefits of using this therapy are pain relief, improved blood circulation, aiding wound healing and improving cell function. This is to name just a few. Although these factors can really benefit someone with diabetes. It is common knowledge that diabetics are at a much higher risk of suffering from poor circulation. Dr. Pawluk (PEMF therapy expert) states in his book – power tools for health, that ‘this can be due to damage to the tiny blood vessels in the body (microcirculation) or due to plaque buildup in the larger blood vessels in the body’. PEMF therapy works to repair damaged cells and tissues, therefore improving blood circulation. By improving cell function with PEMF therapy, the cells will be able to do a better job of circulating insulin too.

Dr. Pawluk believes that every Diabetic should make daily use of a full body PEMF system. Click here to view full body systems and contact us if you need help choosing the right one for you.


How PEMF Therapy Can Help Diabetics and Diabetes Treatment

Power Tools For Health – William Pawluk, MD, MSc, & Caitlin J Layne – Page 109-111.


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