NASA and PEMF therapy

One of the leading studies on PEMF therapy was lead by Dr. Thomas Goodwin PhD. This study went on for 4 years. It found that PEMF therapy compared to other aspects such as static magnets and LED’s had the best effect in the healing and regeneration of cells etc. His team then went on to look closer at the frequency, intensity’s, and waveform’s. They spent over 3.5 million dollars to look closely into pulsed electromagnetic fields and PEMF therapy. This, however, is not the only study into this therapy. There are already over 7,000 others. This study was a ‘Landmark’ in proving PEMF therapy works and does improve the body’s health and wellbeing. Alongside recovery, healing and repairing cells/tissues.

PEMF therapy is not a brand new discovery. This therapy has been around for years!

You can read the Nasa study by Dr. Thomas J. Goodwin here:

You can find out more about intensity, waveform, and frequency in this post:


PEMF The fifth element of health by Bryant A Myers – page 160-161.

Power tools for health by William Pawluk, MD & MSc & Caitlin J Layne – page 37 & 48.


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