PEMF Contraindications

PEMF therapy is a safe and natural way of healing your body. It uses magnetic fields at a therapeutic level to improve a wide range of conditions, injuries and diseases.

A lot of medications can come with side effects on the body as can some other therapies however PEMF therapy comes with very few contraindications. This therapy has been used in over 7000 clinical studies and is used world wide by users who want to improve there health and become pain free, in a natural way. Yet still, only a handful of contraindications remain! It has been used and studied by NASA and Kings college London as well.

The 2 main reasons that we will always advise against using PEMF therapy however are using it if you have a pacemaker fitted and if you are pregnant. Having a pacemaker fitted would mean unfortunately, you should not use PEMF therapy. This is due to the fact pacemakers are battery operated and there is a chance that PEMF therapy systems may override them and switch them off and so, it is not advised that you use PEMF therapy if you have one fitted. The second reason is pregnancy. Although there are no known studies or any known evidence to suggest PEMF therapy would be harmful to a pregnant woman, there has not been enough studies or research on this subject to conclude it is completely safe either. So we do not advise PEMF during pregnancy.

There is more information on PEMF therapy contraindications on DR Pawluk’s website (PEMF therapy expert). You can read more here –¬†


PEMF Machine Risks – Contraindications and Cautions

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