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We often think of diet detoxes when referring to detoxification. Using detox diets to try to loose weight are common but not always healthy. According the NHS ‘The concept of detox diets is irrational and unscientific’. They recommend a balanced diet and plenty of exercise as the best way to take care of your body. Everything in moderation as they say! Other external benefits are often linked to detox diets such as hair growth and better skin. But what detoxification really means is internally cleansing, literally. It is no secret that PEMF therapy can help to heal the body on a cellular level. It can also support the body in its ability to remove harmful toxins in which we are exposed to constantly. Such as chemicals and heavy metals.

Our bodies naturally detox everyday to remove ‘unwanted materials and toxins’. There are a few organs that play a role in detoxifying our bodies of harmful waste products including the kidneys, skin, lungs and lymphatic system however the liver plays the biggest part in this process. Dr Pawluk describes PEMF therapy as ‘clearly’ helping the body to detoxify itself. PEMF therapy has the ability to do so as it improves the functions of ‘inefficient’ livers and kidneys. Both of these organs are extremely important in the motions of detoxification of the body and its cells. PEMFs help optimize the organs ability to function. Therefore helping the body in detoxification.

Dr Stephen Stokes DC says that when we are exposed to lots of toxins, they get ‘caught or trapped’ in the channels within our cells which would normally allow nutrients in and out of the cell.  This creates a toxic environment for our cells and means they can take on harmful heavy metal toxins and are prevented from doing their job. In his video on Detoxification, Dr Stephen Stokes DC describes PEMF therapy as effectively ‘shaking the cell’ to removes the harmful toxins from them. We need our cells to perform and function effectively around our bodies. PEMF therapy as mentioned before, repairs and restores cells which play a vital part in detoxification.


Power Tools for Health – Dr William Pawluk Page 35-36.

2 thoughts on “PEMF therapy detoxification

    • I have hemochromatosis / iron overload in my blood. Can PEMF device help remove iron from the organs and normalize ferritin level.
      I have IMRS PRIME PEMF DEVICE. Need your advice for setting if this is possible.
      Thank you
      Giovani Capone

      • Ellie

        Hi Giovani, thanks for your questions. PEMF is not condition specific so we cannot tell you if it would specifically be beneficial to remove iron from the blood, however PEMF works by creating a healthy environment in your body for it to heal and regulate itself better. So in the long term with regular sessions and a well-balanced and healthy diet, your body should to this job for you. With regards to the specific programs to use, we cannot comment on iMRS products unfortunately as we do not promote them and therefore we do not have the necessary training to be able to help you here. We would just say to use the general programs that promote healing or a healthy lifestyle on your device and regular sessions.

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