British Gymnast and Champion, using PEMF therapy for recovery

When NewMed heard that James Hall had sustained a shoulder injury during the European Artistic Gymnastics Championships 2019, we reached out to offer him a helping hand in his recovery. James was happy to give our new high powered system, the Emfield Pro a try. The results he received were ‘absolutely incredible’ said James.

James has previously used PEMF therapy sessions to help him recover from training and to help prevent future injury. He used a low intensity system for this however for his shoulder injury, he used a high intensity system. We interviewed James at Pegasus Gym, Maidstone, where he trains. James stated in that interview that he had ‘seen a noticeable difference’ in his shoulder ‘after treatment with this machine.’

Not only do NewMed offer systems for home use, we also offer systems for professional use only as well. These systems can be placed in a practice or clinic and used by a professional on clients, in sessions. Providing them with high powered PEMF therapy. So, if you have clients who have sustained a sports injury like James did or who suffer from a chronic condition, perhaps its time to bring in PEMF therapy for them. Find out here how you can incorporate this therapy into your buisness. The machine James Hall used to aid in his recovery is for professional use only.

Watch the full interview with James, who is sponsered by Clive Emson Auctioneers, here. ”I definitely recommend PEMF therapy to others because it’s absolutely incredible” – James Hall. You can also read our latest PR release on our visit to James on our website. 



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