Foods to reduce inflammation

One of the great benefits of using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy is that it can help your body to reduce inflammation. PEMF therapy has the ability to work for almost everyone however the time in which you see results depends entirely on the individual and how well there body responds to the therapy.  You must also take into consideration the condition you are using the PEMF therapy for of course. Two people with Arthritis may have two completely different time frames in which they feel the benefits first. Although you normally feel the effects of PEMF therapy within 30 days. There are of course, things you can do to help your body along the way. Such as staying hydrated and maintaining a healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. This will help PEMF therapy to get to work faster. Help PEMF therapy to help you.

If you suffer with a condition which leaves you with inflammation, then anti-inflammatory foods/drinks could really help your  body alongside using PEMF therapy. You’re more likely to feel the positive effects of this therapy a lot faster.

Foods such as these, can be really beneficial to someone who suffers with inflammation;


– Fatty Fishes.

– Avocado

– Green tea

– Tumeric

– Tomatoes

By including these types of food in your diet, you can help to speed up the PEMF therapy process, alongside providing your body with the nutrients it needs! According to Harvard Health Publishing, cooking with olive oil can also really help in an anti-inflammatory diet.


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