Using PEMF for an ankle fracture and ligament damage

After a fracture and soft tissue damage, it can be a long road to recovery with rest and then rebuilding your fitness slowly after the injury has healed.

Charlie fracture his ankle and had ligament damage, his mum was recommended to try used Pulsed Electromagnetic therapy (PEMF) by a family friend to speed up recovery and get back to normal.

Charlie used a localised PEMF therapy Cuff on his ankle to help reduce swelling and speed up recovery from his injury; he used it twice a day for 20 minutes at a time and was very pleased with the results.

Charlie describes his plight, ‘I was playing rugby for my school MGS in Maidstone and during a tackle, I received an injury that meant an ambulance was called and I was taken to Medway Hospital. I had a hairline fracture on my ankle, damage to the growth plate plus ligament damage. They put me in a cast for six weeks to give my ankle time to heal.’

Charlie has a promising career in rugby and this injury and break from training really knocked his self-esteem and progress.  Six weeks away from any type of sport can really damage your confidence and lower your fitness levels and ability. After waiting the six weeks for the cast to be taken off Charlie thought he would be ready to start building his fitness up immediately but unfortunately, after the cast was removed there was still swelling and the ankle was still very tender, even though an x-ray confirmed that the fracture had healed.

After returning home Charlie still found it difficult to apply his full body weight to his foot and limped around for a week. This further exasperated the situation the doctors had sent him home as healed but he was nowhere near able to start playing rugby again and this upset Charlie more. A family friend had suggested to his mother to use PEMF therapy and they contacted NewMed and used a local therapy cuff which they applied to his ankle, they used the programme suggested to them twice a day for 20 minutes.

After the first week, Charlie’s pain in his ankle had started to ease and he was able to put more weight on it and by the third week, he was able to run and now plans to return to rugby training in the fourth week of using PEMF therapy!

Charlie was amazed by the results telling us, ‘The PEMF treatment really gave my ankle strength much quicker than I had ever expected during this ongoing recovery process.’

Charlie can return to building his fitness to support his ankle alongside using PEMF therapy to reduce swelling and stop pain getting in the way of his young rugby career.




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