PEMF therapy for Lytic Spondylolisthesis – Lynn’s story

I was diagnosed with Lytic Spondylolisthesis L5/S1 in 2010 and told that this is a degenerative condition that would require surgery.  After 5 years of conservative treatment – physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and steroid injections I had spinal fusion surgery at Guy’s Spinal Injury Unit in November 2014.  The aim of the operation was to prevent further deterioration and any benefit would be a bonus.  I was told that I would need a year off work to recover and that improvements would not be seen for 18 months.  After following a structured rehab my consultant said that I could try the PEMF therapy mat and I immediately found that I was sleeping better.  After two weeks my levels of pain had not improved but after discussing the different programmes with the NewMed team I found that after three weeks my levels of pain had improved significantly.

It’s not the cheapest piece of kit but when I think of how much I have spent on Chiropractor, painkillers and other alternative therapies if using the PEMF therapy mat will enable me to continue to work then it will be money well spent.



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