Reduced lower back pain with PEMF therapy

Having a lower back pain can impact your mobility greatly and can cause you daily pain which is draining on your energy. If you want to regain a normal routine, reduce pain and increase energy, you can like John Baker did, by using the MAS Special Multi+ PEMF therapy device to treat his lower back pain after discovering NewMed in the daily mail!

John used the MAS Special Multi+ PEMF mat to help reduce the pain he has had for over 30 years. He has relied on painkillers and now after using the MAS special multi+ he has reduced his medication by approximately 60%. He uses the PEMF therapy device for 2 hours a day during coffee sessions, when watching TV and at bedtime.

John said, ‘I have been using the MAS, as advised by you. It helps me manage my lower back pain I have had for over 30 years, It works for me better than TENS, ultrasound etc. I have tried many things but this to help (sic). Yes, it is expensive. But all the things that help are. My pain meds are down 60%. Which is very good.’

Due to the pain relief, PEMF therapy has given him, John is now able to enjoy all his social activities:

‘Thanks for a more meaningful quality of life. I do [2] gym wellness days a week. Can walk my dog for longer with back support and meds. I even ski a bit (sic) and rest a lot. Plus the things I have been taught at pain clinics over the years. I am 73 retired so have more time for pain management. Some days I have to recharge the batteries with a duvet day’

The MAS Special Multi+ PEMF therapy machine that John uses can be found on the NewMed shop –


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