Fibromyalgia and longstanding pain – Claire’s PEMF journey

Dealing with daily pain is stressful and can be draining on your energy and mood which can prevent you from coping with day-to-day tasks. If you want to regain a normal routine, reduce pain and increase energy, you can like Claire did, by using PEMF therapy to treat her Fibromyalgia and longstanding pain, after being recommended the treatment by her Physiotherapist.

Claire used a Magnetovital PEMF full body mat to help reduce the pain she was experiencing all over her body due to her being a sufferer of fibromyalgia; she used the sleep programme on an evening and the vitality programme in the mornings for 20 minutes at a time and was very pleased with the results.

Claire describes her journey, ‘I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia 18 months ago but I have been struggling with the symptoms for over two years.’ Fibromyalgia is a debilitating disease and can have a wide ride of symptoms including, all over pain, lethargy, difficulty sleeping, headaches, digestion problems and ‘fibro-fog’ which causes problems with memory and concentration.

Claire explains, ‘Medication had provided an improvement but had been unable to relieve all the symptoms and my doctors felt we were at an impasse with the situation.’

It has been a difficult period for Claire, ‘I was not fully attending work, social activities or other commitments.’ Fed up, Claire turned to her therapist for suggestions and was put in contact with NewMed.

Claire used the PEMF therapy system and she was impressed with the results, ‘The mat definitely provided a marked improvement and I have had no pain at all for over three weeks and noticed a great increase in energy.’

Claire commends the therapy, ‘I am hoping the mat has provided a platform for my body to get back on top from here-on-in. It is difficult to understand the effects of chronic pain unless you suffer from it, so I am very grateful for the improvement in quality of life that the PEMF therapy has provided.’

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