Chronic back pain and spasms – how PEMF therapy helped

Chronic back pain affects your daily life and is a constant burden on your body, but you can regain your independence and have greater patient empowerment by using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy like Lynn after it was recommended to her by family members.

Lynn used the Magnetovital Wellness full body PEMF therapy mat to help reduce her pain and relieve her from back muscle spasms; she used the vitality programme in the mornings and the sleep programme on an evening for 20 minutes at a time and was very pleased with the results.

Lynn tells us her story, ‘I have always had back problems from a very young age, and have lived with it all my life. Doctors have sent me to see a physiotherapist, osteopath, and acupuncture specialist, on the NHS. I have paid for private consultations for my back pain and am currently living on pain relief tablets. I have also been exercising regularly and yes this has all helped but only for a short time.’

Unfortunately three years ago Lynn’s back muscles went into spasm, which Lynn describes as the most painful experience she has ever had, she could barely walk. The doctor prescribed her with extra strong pain relief and said that Lynn would have to work through the pain. To try and overcome the pain Lynn tried many therapies, ‘I paid to have a hot stone massage to be given to me every two weeks, for 3 months, to give me some relief and I found a lovely lady who came to my house to do this for me, and eventually the spasms went.’

At the beginning of 2017, Lynn started to get spasms again and was rushed into the hospital twice with agonizing back spasms. Lynn explains, ‘my husband called 999, they were with us in 13 minutes and we live right out in the country, which we are very thankful to the ambulance service for.’ She was rushed into hospital by ambulance where she was given morphine and diazepam to ease the pain. Lynn said, ‘I managed to get a good night’s rest as I was so drugged up on pain relief.’ But she was just sent home the next day and was told that there was nothing else they could do for her but to take the prescribed pain killers and have bed rest.

Lynn explains how she felt, ‘yes this medicine did help a little, but I was so down and fed up of having backache and the severe muscle spasms. My stepdaughter was so worried that she spoke to NewMed and one day later I received a PEMF therapy system with full instructions and a program designed just for me.’

Lynn started to see the results within five days! There was no more back pain or muscle spasms and she had another added benefit of being able to sleep all night! Lynn tells us, ‘after 3 weeks of using the PEMF therapy mat, I do not have to take any pain relief. My husband even uses it with his own program!’

Lynn was surprised to learn that the therapy system would help with her other ailments as well, ‘I have read all about this PEMF mat it even helps with Crohn’s disease which I have had since I was 20 years old.’ A concluding remark from Lynn was, ‘the only thing I wish to add to my story is to say Thank you to my husband & NewMed, and for the first time in a long, long time I feel NO pain!’

The Magnetovital Wellness PEMF therapy mat is available online from NewMed –

It is a high quality, low-intensity PEMF mat, that has been one of NewMeds most popular devices for many years.

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