Inflammation and PEMF therapy

Inflammation is the body’s way of saying there is a problem and it needs to be repaired or healed. The body’s blood flow increases around the affected area and the inflammation attempts to protect the injured cells and tissues from further damage. It is actually part of the immune system’s response to injury. It acts as protection in some ways. Until you can do something to help the area yourself. Such as using PEMF therapy!

PEMF therapy can sometimes be seen by individuals as an anti-inflammatory. PEMF therapy works by using magnetic fields which work within your body to repair damaged cells/tissues. It also helps to increase blood circulation by separating your red blood cells so they can flow more freely and work to their full potential. If you had an injury, the area would then become more inflamed to protect the damaged area, if your blood circulation isn’t great, less blood can flow to the area to help protect it. PEMF therapy can improve this.

What you eat can also help to reduce the effects of inflammation within your body. Just a quick bit of research online tells you that foods such as tomatoes, nuts, green leafy vegetables and also olive oil can help you to see improvement, among plenty of other foods. These can all easily be included in your everyday life. It is recommended to have a nutritional diet whilst using PEMF therapy, this can speed up the recovery process and the time it takes for you see/feel results.


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