PEMF therapy for arm injury

John gave PEMF therapy a try after pain from an injury to his arm left him unable to play his mandolin.

Here is what John said about his experience with PEMF therapy: ‘After an injury to my left arm, I was unable to play my mandolin because of the pain. The pain was also keeping me awake at night. I had McTimoney chiropractic treatment, but it didn’t help. So I decided to try PEMF therapy and purchased a BioBalance mat. After using the BioBalance three times a day for about five days I was able to sleep again. After another week, I was completely pain-free and was happily able to start playing the mandolin again! I thoroughly recommend this therapy!’

The Biobalance has a unique internal battery so it can be used on the go. It is a medium-intensity, full-body PEMF therapy system with a relatively wide frequency. You can find out more about the device here –


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