Biobalance customer review

John cook purchased the Boibalance PEMF therapy device, and we are so pleased he is now back to playing the mandolin.

Here is what John said about PEMFs: ‘After an injury to my left arm, I was unable to play my mandolin because of the pain. The pain was also keeping me awake at night. I had McTimoney chiropractic treatment, but it didn’t help. So I decided to try PEMF therapy and purchased a BioBalance mat. After using the BioBalance three times a day for about five days I was able to sleep again. After another week, I was completely pain-free and was happily able to start playing the mandolin again! I thoroughly recommend this therapy! I was also extremely impressed with the help and advice that the team at NewMed gave me.’

The Biobalance has a unique internal battery so it can be used on the go. It is a medium-intensity, full-body PEMF therapy system with a relatively wide frequency.

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