Audrey – Injury Recovery

Audrey has unfortunately been having reoccurring falls, including a nasty fall from her bed two months ago, which has resulted in her worst injuries. These frequent falls have led Audrey to have to attend fall clinics provided by the NHS.

Audrey tells us, ‘most of my injuries have happened on my right side, which is strange as my right side is my strongest. I have been trying to exercise this side to make it stronger and to recover from my injuries.’

Audrey also has undiagnosed rheumatism arthritis in her left hand, which means she struggles to use it for day-to-day tasks like lifting and gripping. But Audrey tells us, ‘I can still punch and kick and can cope without my walking stick at home.’

Audrey explains, ‘I was recommended the PEMF therapy by my Physiotherapist, who has been a tremendous help to me, the mat has helped me identify where the different pains in my body are stemming from.’

The main improvement for Audrey is, ‘Most of my pains have gone or improved dramatically, the stiffness in my hand is going and I can use it pretty much as normal again now and the injuries from my falls have all healed nicely.’

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