NewMed appointed as exclusive UK PEMF therapy distributor for OMI

Large, international manufacturer, Oxford Medical Instruments Ltd (OMI), who specialise in all-natural, drug free medical devices, have chosen NewMed Ltd. to be their exclusive distributor for their PEMF therapy devices across the UK.

PEMF therapy is an idea harnessed by NASA which uses the Earth’s magnetic fields in a concentrated manner to provide non-invasive and drug-free pain relief. PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair to improve your body’s overall performance and has many benefits such as improving recovery time, pain-relief and sleep.

Istvan Magyar, CEO of OMI, comments, “I believe our mission, to develop wellness products and medical devices that help people rediscover their natural equilibrium and thrive, corresponds with that of NewMed’s, helping people to improve their quality of life. That is why I feel that our PEMF devices are well suited to their portfolio and I look forward to this partnership with them.”

Based in Kent, NewMed Ltd. is the one-stop shop for PEMF therapy, offering a wide range of products to suit all needs and budgets.

Andy Smith, Sales Director, says, “OMI has a large and well-respected choice of PEMF therapy devices that I am excited to offer to our customers. We look forward to being able to represent them exclusively in the UK.”

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