Magnetised Water

Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMFs) effects on water

PEMFs have an effect on the water inside our bodies, as well as the water we drink that has been magnetically treated.

PEMF therapy can help energize, oxygenate, alkalize, and lower the surface tension of water making it more healthy and hydrating. Since our bodies are mostly water, PEMFs will improve the transfer of essential elements and nutrients to the cells. This will improve energy production in the cells, and help to better facilitate waste removal out of the cells and body.

Our bodies require the essential elements; food, water, sunlight, oxygen as well as sleep, exercise and the earth’s PEMFs to heal itself and be at its best. Research suggests that treating drinking water with PEMFs will positively alter its molecular composition, making it more readily absorbed by the body and having positive therapeutic effects.

Studies have shown a significant reduction in plaque on the teeth, after the use of magnetically treated water as compared to normal water. Eastern Europeans and Chinese researchers have found that magnetically treated water may help to dissolve stones in the urinary and biliary tracts including kidney stones and gall-stones. Improvements in gastrointestinal health, hypertension and skin issues are just a few other researched benefits.

You can use any PEMF device to magnetically treat water; you would just need to have the coil resting against the container the water is in. If you were lying on a mat for a PEMF therapy session you could rest a glass, pitcher, etc. on the mat and hold it. You would then be treating the water and yourself at the same time!

The OMI medallion is a great product for magnetizing water as your glass can be placed on top of the device.

Based on Russian research into magnetizing water it generally takes 10-20 minutes to magnetically treat water and for best results, we recommend using glass containers.

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