London marathon update: Andy’s out but ready for next year!

When I set myself a task I don’t do it by half measures. In preparation for this year’s London marathon, I have run 388 miles and given nearly 65 hours of my time to it. Training has been very hard but I have really enjoyed myself and I have been able to run with some amazing people. I have raised my total of £1800 for Asthma UK, but I’m devastated to say that I won’t be running this Sunday.

In the last 2 weeks, I have just pushed myself that little bit too much and picked up an injury which doesn’t have time to heal. I have been using PEMF therapy several times a day which has really helped ease the pain, but I went to see a specialist Chiropractor, who talked me through the risks of running this weekend and was given the advice that I didn’t want to hear. I have ‘Achilles Tendonitis’ from training too hard in a short space of time and because of this, I put the tendons under too much strain causing a small tear. If I did run on Sunday (which I was intending to do) I would risk snapping the tendon completely, which would result in surgery and permanent damage.

I am not one to quit and it’s not easy for me to take the decision not to run but the risks are too high and it’s just not worth it. They say that everything happens for a reason and I am not going to beat myself up about it, instead, I will just try and maintain this level of fitness going forward. On the bright side Asthma UK called me to congratulate me on the fund-raising and have offered to carry it over to next year and to save me a place in 12 months for the 2018 London Marathon.

So my chapter goes on and just means more training next year!

Thanks to everyone for your donations, and I wish everyone good luck running this Sunday. I can’t wait to finally take my spot on the starting line in 12 months time.



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