Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us! Today we are celebrating two years of NewMed and so here’s a little recap:

We joined forces with Dr. William Pawluk, the PEMF therapy champion over in the United States who is helping NewMed spread the word about PEMFs in the UK. We were very privileged to have had him and his entire team visit us.


We welcomed two new team members, Niki, our customer liaison and Adam, our sales and product coordinator. They are both now very settled and are the two lovely people you guys talk to on the phone when you call.

We’ve given our website a makeover, what do you think?


We’ve taken part in many health awareness days that PEMF can help with; for Fibromyalgia Awareness Day we joined their campaign by making masks and we also took place in the Nation’s Biggest Sports Day.


We have expanded our range to truly be the one-stop-shop for PEMF therapy in the UK. Our new products include the MAS range, the E-Pad Friends dog bed, the EarthPulse, as well as Miracle MediGel & Parmeds.

And last but not least, but certainly most importantly; we have helped improve the quality of life of many more people (you can read all their testimonials from here):


What a busy and exciting couple of years! But NewMed is growing as time goes by and this time next year we’ll have many more memories to look back on. We’d love to hear how you are getting on with your PEMF therapy, so just drop us a message or send us a pic. Who knows, maybe next year we’ll feature you in our post!

P.S. In celebration, it may be our birthday but we have got the perfect gift for you! Contact us this weekend to claim a £50 voucher when you spend £500 and over in our shop.

Until then, happy reading.

Krissy 🙂

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Jade - Marketing Manager

With my background in the NHS, I have always had a passion for helping others. Working for NewMed allows me to directly improve peoples quality of life and that's my main objective - to spread the word about PEMF therapy and help people live happy, healthy, pain-free lives!

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