World Lupus Day 2019.

The 10th of May is World Lupus Day 2019. Raising awareness for the millions of people all over the world suffering from this autoimmune disease. Lupus is a long term condition that causes inflammation of the joints and the tissue that covers vital organs, it also causes extreme fatigue, headaches, poor blood circulation and sensitive skin rashes from exposure to sunlight/UV light. These are not all the symptoms Lupus can cause. The list goes on. Unfortunately, there is also no known cure for Lupus.

There are things you can do to help ease theses symptoms.¬†Including PEMF therapy. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy pulsates through tissues, muscles, and cells and works to repair them. It is known to reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation and repair damaged tissues/cells. By working at this cellular level, the therapy helps to improve many health problems simultaneously. For example; having a PEMF therapy system set to a high-frequency program can improve energy levels, reduce inflammation, aid recovery from an injury, improve blood circulation and so much more. Low-frequency settings, on the other hand, will help your body to enter a more relaxed state, therefore improving sleeping patterns and reducing stress levels. Stress is a factor that can worsen flare up’s. As listed on the NHS website, below are some other things you can do to help yourself if you suffer from Lupus:


  • A healthy/balanced diet
  • Stay active, especially during a flare up
  • High factor sun creams when exposed to sunlight
  • Relaxation to help stress levels


It is recommended to use a healthy diet to get the best results from PEMF therapy also and to stay active. PEMF therapy systems can work to help improve a lot of the symptoms those who have Lupus, suffer with. If you want to know more information about PEMF therapy, our systems or how it could help someone suffering from Lupus, contact us today. Our team are happy to answer any questions and offer their knowledegable advice.


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