PEMF Testimonial, Jessica Clarke

After discussing with Jessica Clarke (Professional football player) about the pain she was experiencing in her knee, we immediately wanted to help!

When told that it was her knee that was causing Jessica’s Pain, we thought that the Oska Pulse would be a suitable device to help aid her recovery. The Oska Pulse is a localised PEMF device that works to relieve pain straight at the source. This localised device creates a field of 11 inches in radius from all directions, and where most PEMF devices have their field concentrated inwards, the Oska Pulse is concentrated outwards, and due to the outward field, more than one person can benefit at a time. A totally portable PEMF device that is as easy as a push of a single button.

After Jessica had received and used the device for a number of weeks, we got in touch to ask her a few questions about her experience so far!

Which PEMF device are you currently using? I am currently using the Oska Pulse.

What do you use PEMF/ this device for? Knee pain, I’ve had 3 surgeries and been diagnosed with grade 3 cartilage loss ( bone on bone ).

How did you originally hear about PEMF therapy? A friend mentioned it to me, and I researched further.

Why did you choose to get in touch with NewMed? Researched the products.

What are your thoughts about the device that you are currently using? AMAZING would love to intentionally try more.

Have you noticed any changes since you started to use PEMF therapy/ your device? YES, less pain and joint effusion, recovering between sessions have been quicker.

Would you recommend PEMF therapy to others around you? YES, recently I was wearing the Oska Pulse shopping and a couple asked me what the device was and how it worked as one of them suffered with back issues. I directed them to your site (NewMed).

When we asked Jessica about her overall experience with PEMF therapy she explained…

“Firstly, I started with the Oska Pulse, initially this made a huge difference day to day, more so when I was training consecutively. It reduced pain and swelling. This was very fitting with my lifestyle also, as I was working a full-time job plus playing part-time football, my weekends were taking up traveling to games and playing, therefore, my recovery was very much compromised, but the Oska provided a lightweight and portable way of combating my busy lifestyle. I did some further research into the benefits of increased strength in gauss and frequencies with the help of your team. And opted to purchase the Biomag device, which I now use at home for my knee and also further health benefits. Using the Biomag I can straight away feel the device getting to work on the damaged areas of my knee, I feel instant relief once I use the device. Due to my busy lifestyle, I still feel I am yet to see further results and with some more consistency on my end, I cant wait to see the long-term benefits. To some up I will be forever grateful. I feel the above devices have helped me to avoid further operations to my knee and ultimately helped me lead a pain-free active lifestyle once again.”

Do you think that PEMF therapy could be beneficial to you? Why not get in touch with one of our friendly NewMed team for more information today!

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