An unbiased review – Top 5 full body PEMF devices

As Managing Director of a company that specialises in PEMF therapy devices and that has many years of experience in the field, I thought that it would be a great idea to give you my most recent, independent review of PEMF therapy devices after listening to our customers own experiences and their feedback.

Hopefully, this review can help others when they are making their own decisions on investing in their own PEMF therapy device.

When stripping back the fundamentals of PEMF therapy, what is important and what makes a good device? The range of frequencies, the intensity settings, and the placement of the copper coils that generate the pulsed magnetic fields! You will need a tried and tested system, something which will be offering you the right range of frequencies and intensity for your specific needs.

Everyone reacts differently to PEMF therapy, so not one device will fit all, although we could get close to saying that with some of our top-rated devices. Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy isn’t condition-specific, this is why we often encourage customers to get in contact with our team in the first instance so we can do our best to guide them in the right direction.

So let’s get started with my top 5 full-body PEMF therapy devices… 

No 1: Curatron XPSE (Parmeds Pro Special) 

The Curatron XPSE model is one of our most popular systems and in our opinion the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to PEMF therapy being used in a home setting. Curatronic has been in the market for numerous years and there is a reason for this. Although their devices may appear slightly outdated, they are extremely well made and there is no need to update their look. We rarely get sent a Curatronic device back to us for any technical issues and the customer return rate for the satisfaction of results is nearly negligible.

Offering some of the highest intensities in their full-body mats, Curatron set themselves aside from the rest that you are likely to find in the homecare market, we often see such quick results because of this. You may come across arguments online about low vs high-intensity PEMF devices, but how can we argue when the results are in front of us, and with customers reviews on the devices is always excellent.

The mat itself is comfortable to lay on, which is important due to the time that you will be spending on the device. The full body mat can be placed in numerous settings, on a bed, a large sofa, or a therapy bed. The coils that are inside the mat are also fairly unique compared to other systems, they are large coils using a lot of copper wire, and they are a lot thicker than most systems as this is mainly to create the high intensities that the device offers. Another positive to having thicker coils is that we never see any issues with them breaking, which can often be a problem with lower-intensity devices, and once a copper wire breaks inside a device, the circuit is no longer complete and the device would need repairing, but this isn’t particularly an issue for the Curatron units.

A huge benefit to this device is that is only has 10 pre-set programs, and when it comes to PEMF devices you really don’t need a million different programs. The programs themselves rarely stay on one frequency, allowing them to still offer the body a range of frequencies to avoid being accustomed to one. If you do require the ability to design and use your own program, you can do so with their PC compatible version, or their more expensive and even higher intensity version called the 3D.

Overall, the Curatron XPSE is a very well rounded device, and if you have the budget that allows you to do so this is the device you should get for the quickest and best results. As we do with all PEMF devices, we always encourage a healthy lifestyle and diet including vitamins to get the most out of the therapy. The XPSE definitely gets the results, and with the intensities it offers, it is great for long term chronic conditions as well as conditions that require deeper penetration, such as bone cartilage issues.

No 2: Biomag Lumina Home Package

The Biomag Lumina 3D-E is a medium to high intensity device and is also a top favourite for ourselves and our customers. This device is proud to hold many medical registrations in Europe. With 6 pre-set and easy-to-use programs, including the ability to make your own unique program. It’s best to keep devices simple for ease of use! If you have a number of friends/ family that want to use it, or if you are even thinking if setting up your own clinic, then there is the option to upgrade your device by simply inputting a code and then you will have easy access to more features such as intensity controls to really alter the programs that are right for you. Customers often want to be able to design their own programs, they may have seen successful studies for their condition and may want to replicate it, however we often say that other programs are likely to work too, so this feature isn’t a necessity, but it is certainly nice to have. Usually, pre-set programs call upon the use of more than one frequency per program which we believe is better than setting a deice to use one frequency for the duration, its a possibility that the body can be accustomed to one frequency, therefore meaning that it can become less effective over time. Changing and mixing up the 6 pre-set programs gives the body all the tools that it needs to repair!

A significant feature of the Biomag is its portability for if you intend to move around with your device. Included is a carry case and an internal battery, so you wont have to be plugged into a grid to use your device. There is options to take this device with a ‘full body’ mat or a ‘3/4 length’ mat. Personally I prefer the ‘3/4 length’ mat as it does have its own advantages, one being it makes the device more portable and smaller to carry around, as well as it being east to use on a chair as well as a sofa or bed. It also allows the ability to wrap around a certain limb to intensify the treatment to that area, this is called the 3D effect.

For its portability, easy of use, its price point in the market, and the results that we often see and hear, the Biomag Lumina 3D-E gets a huge thumbs up from myself and the team at NewMed.

No 3: Hugo Intense

The Hugo Intense (and Pro) devices offer one of the highest intensities possible in a full body option. The full body applicator on the Hugo’s range from 6000-8000 Gauss, which packs a punch and for a full body option, I wouldn’t suggest going any higher than this, simply because there is no need. With most full body PEMF devices, you cannot feel the therapy but with these devices you can feel each pulse. Depending how confident you are, you can turn these up to create quite the sensation in your muscles as it stimulates the cells in the body.

The Hugo Intense variant is designed for home use and the pro version is designed to be used multiple times per day in a professional setting. As a home user, you wouldn’t need to use the Intense more than once per day on a 12 minute setting, so if you don’t have time in the day and you want to reach high intensities this is the device for you.

Here’s the down side… These devices use ‘spark gap’ technology. Most modern PEMF devices now use ‘solid state’ technology, which effectively means that if you look after your device it will never breakdown. Spark gap means that over time the device will wear out and at one point it may stop working completely. This would then mean your device will require a chamber replacement. NewMed offer a complete chamber replacement including parts and return shipping for just under £1000, but some suppliers may vary. To reach these intensities a lot of manufacturers will opt for spark gap technology, but you just need to factor in that with regular use you are likely to be changing the chamber every 2-3 years. Also, this device does not have the ability to set a specific frequency. There is only a dial to change the intensity from low to high as they base their results on using very high intensity rather than a specific frequency. Despite these two downsides, I still hold these devices very high up on my list of favorite’s and it’s quickly becoming my device of choice in the office due to it’s intensities and the little time needed to take out of my day each time I use it. The full body option and intensities of this device make it very popular with a lot of customers.

Thanks for their CE certification we are able to now offer this device in the UK and EU, which a lot of PEMF devices in these intensity ranges do not have, making them illegal to sell here. It’s always worth asking a manufacturer if they have these certifications as all of our supplied devices have. If they cannot provide it, you will most certainly have issues importing them and also have issues getting insurance if you intend to use them on others.

No 4: BioBalance

The BioBalance is a great full-body device set at a medium to low intensity. We generally recommend this device for general health and wellbeing but its stand out feature is its sleep options. The BioBalance offers you to set it for longer periods of time than most devices, giving you the ability to sleep on the device. This will not only aid a restful and deep sleep, but also helps so that you can manage your time well during the day and get your PEMF session while dreaming away.

The BioBalance device only comes with 6 pre-set programs, which as explained before, definitely shouldn’t be seen as a negative. This makes the device simple and easy to use, with a quick plug and play unit. There is no messing around, you can quickly enjoy your PEMF therapy session. If you have little time on your hands in the day, then this is a good unit that can be used during sleep and delivers a PEMF session for a number of reasons (not just for sleep disorders) but maintaining a healthy body for repair.

No 5: MAS 

The MAS system is a medium intensity device and is also one that has been on the market for some time and therefore is a well established device. The main standout feature that the MAS device has is the number of selectable frequencies and the abilities the controller allows you to do when setting up treatment. As great as this PEMF device is, we typically do not recommend it to those whop are new to PEMF, but do for those who are maybe more experienced and who want the ability to create a range of custom programs.

The controller has many buttons and features that some customers just do not need and over complicates things, but for those who want these features, it’s great. It’s very customisable and gives the ability to change the intensity, frequency, time, and even polarity and wavelength for each program that you create.

If you are looking for a fully customisable PEMF therapy device, this is the unit for you, but from our own experiences, this often confuses things and we do find that you can still get results with the more simple to use devices without all these abilities and just using the proven pre-set programs.

Why can’t you find a PEMF device that you expected to see on our top 5 list?

There could be numerous reasons that you cannot find a certain device on our top 5 list but most of these are quite simple. Here at NewMed we do not endorse ‘multi-level selling techniques’, which unfortunately some PEMF manufacturers adopt. The common result of multi-level selling is that the price of the device is commonly high for its technical abilities. This isn’t to say the the PEMF device isn’t good, but it could mean that you are paying more for your buck. You may also find that these are very often the manufacturers that use key selling features as a ‘must-have’.

The device you are looking for could also not be on our list due to the fact that it is not available in Europe and doesn’t have the certifications that are required to sell in the UK and Europe. Therefore we do not personally have the experience with the device and cannot comment.

And lastly, it could just simply be that the device did not make our top 5 full body PEMF therapy devices, recommended by myself and our customers.

The devices that are mentioned in this review and their comments are the opinions of our own and of our customers. They are not there to replace any medical advice obtained by a doctor and we do not claim to be medical professionals.

Andy Smith – Managing Director, NewMed Ltd.

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