Stress Awareness Month 2015

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Tomorrow is National Stress Awareness Day, a day that is dedicated to a problem which appears in many of our lives. Stress is not always the best feeling and many of us try and ignore it and hope it will just go away. It can have massive effects on the body including our health so it is important that we understand it and how to manage it.

You may be wondering exactly what stress is …

Stress is when our bodies are under so much pressure that they don’t understand how to cope with it. Pressure comes in many forms which trigger physiologic responses. The responses are adverse reactions which means we want to protect ourselves from things which we believe will hurt or put us in danger. These are otherwise known as the flight or fight responses which have been around for many years. Our responses cause the body to release a chemical that stimulates the nervous system.

Identifying stress …

There are many ways in which we can identify whether we are stressed or under too much pressure. Sometimes we just know, however there are many other ways we can identify it. There are four different identifying categories, here are a few from each list:

Psychological Signs
• Worry
• Negative thinking
• Depression or anxiety

Emotional Signs
• Irritable
• Mood swings
• Extra sensitive to criticism
• Lack of motivation

Behaviour Signs
• Self-neglect/change in appearance
• Nervous
• Social withdrawal

Physical Signs
• Weight loss or gain
• Heart burn/ulcers
• Physical tiredness

Please visit the ISMA website for more signs of stress (

How can PEMF Therapy help with stress?

PEMF Therapy has been certified and proven by NICE to help with stress and depression. It has been know that applying PEMF Therapy to the body acts directly on the nervous system affecting the glands, tissues and organs. By doing this it allows the nervous system to become a lot more active and helps to resist from stress.

When PEMF Therapy is continued the nervous system gets decreased which allows the bodies emotional reactions to become a lot more balanced and corrected.

Please take a look at Dr Pawluk’s website for more information on how PEMF can help with stress (

Finding help and support …

There are a lot of ways in which you can get help and support on how to manage stress. Your GP would be the first point of contact. There are a lot of links on the ISMA website that have support groups who can help manage and support decreasing stress. There are also many books and publications that can give so much information on dealing with stress. These can also be found on the ISMA website.

Stress can make you feel alone and venerable, don’t let it take over your life, take control! Make a change today having in mind a lot of people will be tackling this with you. You are not alone and there is a lot of support and help out there. Be brave and stand up to stress!

I hope this blog was helpful,

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