Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Fibromyalgia Syndrome

Since I have started working at NewMed I have noticed that we are helping a lot of individuals with fibromyalgia. So I have decided to add this post to our blog so that I am able to raise awareness about this condition, and help people to understand what it is and how it affects people. Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a long-term condition that causes pain all over the body. People with fibromyalgia may also have muscle stiffness and difficulty sleeping along with headaches and irritable bowel syndrome.

What causes fibromyalgia?

What causes fibromyalgia is not yet understood but it’s thought that it is to do with the different amount of chemicals in the brain. This changes the way the nervous system processes pain messages and the way it is carried around the body. Some people believe that there are people more likely to develop fibromyalgia due to the genes inherited from their parents. Also the condition can appear to be triggered by a physical or emotional event that has been stressful to deal with.

If you have fibromyalgia, one symptom is widespread pain. This may be felt throughout your body or in places such as your back or neck. The pain is likely to be continuous and could feel like an ache, a burning sensation or a sharp pain. You may find that even the slightest touch is painful. For example, if you get a paper cut then that pain may continue for much longer than it normally would. People with fibromyalgia can also be sensitive to smoke, certain foods and bright lights. Being exposed to something you are sensitive to can cause other fibromyalgia symptoms to become worse.

Fibromyalgia can make you feel stiff and can cause your muscles to spasm both tightly and painfully. Fibromyalgia can cause extreme tiredness and severe fatigue may come on suddenly and drain your energy and leave you feeling too tired to do anything at all. People with fibromyalgia have trouble remembering and learning new things and have problems with concentration witch can be seen with slowed or confused speech. There are a number of other symptoms people with fibromyalgia sometimes experience.

How to identify fibromyalgia

The main tests used to check for these conditions are urine and blood tests, although you may also have scans. If you are found to have another condition you could still have fibromyalgia alongside it. Some of these include:

• Chronic fatigue syndrome
• Rheumatoid arthritis
• Multiple sclerosis (MS)
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

The main signs of fibromyalgia are that you either have severe pain in three to six different areas of your body, or you have milder pain in seven or more different areas and your symptoms have stayed at a similar level for at least three months.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF) and Fibromyalgia

Looking at our customer testimonials we have noticed that within the first few days of using a PEMF full body system or a localised system you will be able to sleep better and your energy levels will increase during the day allowing for more activities and feel less fatigued. Most people report that you can feel healthier and more positive within the first few days and within one to two weeks the pain levels can decrease.

PEMF therapy is not a condition specific treatment but it can be an all-round solution.It is not a cure for fibromyalgia but it will help to reduce the symptoms that can make living with this condition unbearable. We are always hearing feedback from our customers and not long ago we was told ‘The mat definitely provided a marked improvement and I have had no pain at all for over three weeks and noticed a great increase in energy.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of our customers report how they have recently reduced their medication.

Some of our customers have depression as a result of fibromyalgia and they have told us that the PEMF has helped with that. The UK NICE Guidelines mention a form of PEMF therapy as a recognised treatment for depression and migraines and state that ‘Current evidence suggests that there are no major safety concerns associated with magnetic stimulation for severe depression.’ If you would like to treat depression with PEMF than you could also use a localised system witch in higher intensity and can be applied specifically to different areas of the body. The therapy aims to stimulate specific regions of the cerebral cortex by using a magnetic field generated by an electromagnet placed over the skull to induce electric currents.

Here at NewMed we are always looking to help as many people as possible without the use of drugs with our drug free pain relief. We are so confident of the results that we have seen from PEMF that we want to encourage anyone with fibromyalgia to take a trial or get in touch with us. There are so many positive effects to help you deal with fibromyalgia and the benefits come from this completely safe and complimentary drug free therapy. Don’t just take our word for it, read stories from previous fibromyalgia clients who have tried PEMF therapy and had their quality of live improved for the better.

One Customer told us that “I am enjoying my new lease of life being more active and eventually I hope to be completely pain free” She later went on explaining that her condition had improved, she told us ‘I am definitely more mobile and the nerve pain has reduced. There have been a few bumps in the road but honestly I think that’s because I am moving more and my body just isn’t used to it. I sleep better too which helps, so I know things will continue to improve.’ Here at NewMed we try to support the Customer as far along the Process as possible so we recently contacted her again and this is what she told us, ‘I went for my regular soft tissue massage yesterday and she advised that I don’t need to come weekly now as the muscles are nice and soft. I’m feeling really well.’ We can see how Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy changed her life and although she was sceptical in the beginning she has now felt the full benefits of the therapy and would happily recommend the system.’

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