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BackCare awareness week: Preventing back pain – can PEMFs help?

This week commences Back Care Awareness week. With the pandemic in mind, this year the charity BackCare will be paying particular attention to working from home, studying at home, and spending more time at home this awareness week. According to the BackCare charity, back pain is now the worlds leading cause of human disability, with it affecting some half of the adult population in a given month and almost 80% of people at some point in their lives.

BackCare has shared signs to watch for and ways that you can prevent back pain. Signs that everyone should look out for can include: sudden shooting pains, numbness and pins and needles, reduced muscle power. These are all signs that could potentially be indicative of back trouble.

Prevention can sometimes be better than a cure, some ways that you can try to prevent back pain are by keeping a healthy posture, getting up regularly to move and stretch, keeping hydrated and good nutrition. There are many workouts that you can do from home to help strengthen your back and to prevent and ease back pain.

Implementing PEMF therapy into your life could also help aid your back pain relief as there are a number of PEMF devices that can be used to fit into your lifestyle. Full body mats such as the Biomag Lumina 3De can be placed on your desk chair so that you can work and receive your therapy at the same time. Alternatively, you could place a localised device such as the Oska Pulse with the adjustable strap that comes with the device on your back while you work.

Lynda used the OMI full-body PEMF mat and said “Recently purchased this mat after trying “everything” for back pain. It’s early days but I have definitely noticed a positive change which have not experienced from multiple other healing modalities… I think it’s a sound investment…Don’t just take my word for it.. take a look for yourself and see how it has impacted some positive changes on many others. Couldn’t be without my Omni Mat now”

According to Dr Pawluk PEMFs work quickly, with often dramatic results when treating acute back pain. Patients report that when they used a PEMF system for acute back pain, the problem resolved quickly. While it’s great to know that acute pain can be resolved quickly with PEMFs, they are more often used for chronic back pain, since this is the pain that lingers and causes such extreme suffering. PEMFs can make a huge difference in the daily life of patients with chronic back pain.  Even if the pain is not completely eliminated, it can become much more mild, allowing patients to get back to their daily routines.

Have you used PEMF therapy to help with back pain? If so let us know of your experience in the comments!

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