Can PEMF therapy help Arthritis sufferers?

This week is Rheumatoid Arthritis awareness week, run by the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS). This is an annual event that aims to raise awareness of the condition and the impact that it may have on suffers and their loved ones. This year the NRAS is focusing the annual event on mental and physical wellbeing. Head over to the NRAS website to find out how you can get involved today:

What has PEMF therapy got to do with arthritis you ask? Well, PEMFs work at a cellular level to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow and oxygenation of the blood. They inhibit growth and the natural death of unwanted lymphocytes that decrease inflammation.

A study by Oxford Rheumatology suggests that PEMF therapy is effective for pain management in knee osteoarthritis patients and also affects physical functioning and pain threshold.

Many people have reported that PEMF has helped reduce the symptoms that they have suffered from having arthritis, one PEMF user Maria said ‘I was diagnosed with RA 10 years ago but I used a natural protocol to deal with the inflammation. However, I still had terrible migraines and a low neutrophil count, which made me prone to infections. Since using the therapy these have now gone and my health has improved a lot overall and I have had a better quality of sleep. My blood pressure used to be quite low, 100/65 and the last time I had it checked it is now textbook perfect 120/80. Since using the therapy I have more energy and have experienced all these health benefits and I have only been using it for a total of 2 months – I have now purchased a system of my own and I expect the benefits to keep growing.’

Therapeutic PEMFs have been shown to improve concentration and mental wellbeing. It has been found that low-frequency Theta-Waves (4-8 Hz) are particularly useful for deep meditation and inducing sleep.

To find out some more useful information on PEMF therapy and arthritis click here!

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