PEMF therapy, Nutrition and Hydration.

Last week was Nutrition and Hydration week 2019. In light of this, I thought it would be helpful to share the importance of a nutritional diet and keeping your body hydrated; not only for your general health but for when using PEMF therapy.

A lot of health conditions that people tend to use PEMF therapy for, are often caused by inflammation. Sports injuries, Arthritis, osteoporosis, infections and so on. An anti-inflammatory diet would only benefit these types of conditions. PEMF therapy penetrates the body’s cells, working to repair them and then reduce inflammation. So eating the right foods can only accelerate the benefits of using PEMF therapy. Dr. Pawluk believes that raw fruits and vegetables have the most nutritional value. Fried and cooked fats on the other hand are more likely to cause inflammation, so it would be a good idea to avoid these foods.

He also states that ‘energy transfers more easily in a body that’s well hydrated’. Keeping hydrated has so many positive effects on your body and it also helps PEMF therapy to do its job too. Some of the benefits of drinking water are that it helps to maintain blood pressure, regulates body temperature and it lubricates your joints. These are just to name a few. Read more about the benefits of staying hydrated with a quick google search, I found some useful information here.

Is there anything else you can do to achieve quicker results with PEMF therapy? Yes! Find a good multivitamin. Dr. Pawluk says taking multivitamins will be a good addition to supporting your body’s general health and wellbeing and these multivitamins should include magnesium. Maintaining healthy magnesium levels will help magnetic therapies to move around the body ‘by way of calcium ion movement’.

So, eating better and including raw fruit and vegetables into your diet alongside drinking plenty of water, can help your body’s general health and the results of using PEMF therapy.


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