PEMF therapy used on Pets

PEMF for pets – Can our furry friends benefit as well?

Have you felt the benefits of PEMF? Are you sat there wondering… Can PEMF help with anything else? Well, the answer is yes! PEMF can not only be implemented into your own personal health routine but it can also be implemented into your pet’s routine too!

Pets are just like us; they benefit from general health maintenance. But unlike humans, our pets cannot tell us when they are suffering, to help you with this we have got some of the most common signs that your pets could be in pain for you to look out for:

  • Decreased Activity
  • Difficulty standing after laying down
  • Changes in appetite
  • Reluctant to walk or move


There is a range of devices that are specifically tailored for your furry companions, such as the ePad Friends. A PEMF mat that’s controlled by your pet, this device has an automatic switch that activates when your beloved animal places itself on the mat. This allows your pet to start the therapy at any time on their own, with minimal effort from yourself.

ePad Friends, PEMF

It is not uncommon that we hear of pets joining their owners while they enjoy a PEMF session on their own devices! Elaine said “We purchased this mini mat after experiencing its benefits on our rescued Beagle. She had been limping and her mobility was severely impacted prior to coming to live with us. After several days of lying on the mat for 30mins (P2 setting) – she has been really active and her movements have improved. She still has pain but not as severe. When she isn’t using the mat – us humans have been lying on it too! I find that it has helped us sleep a lot better at night and has definitely helped me manage my shoulder aches. We’ve enjoyed the mat so much, that we are purchasing a full-sized set.”

We would love to hear your experiences if you have any, let us know in the comments section below.

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