Can PEMF play a part in stress relief?

This week commences International Stress Awareness Week, a week to raise awareness about stress prevention. This annual event focuses on stress management and also campaigns against the stigma which is associated with stress and mental health. This year subjects debated will include: ensuring that those who are suffering from stress know where to find out where they can receive support and advice, experiences that people have had with mental health and what can be done to help them, and how employers are responding to mental health issues and what can be learnt.

Meditation is widely practiced to promote relaxation and stress relief. PEMF may be used to improve meditative practice by enhancing gamma activity, and while doing so can also provide other benefits. The NeoRhythm harnesses its power to produce frequencies that encourage the mind to function in your preferred state, from energy and concentration, to sleep and beyond. This localised PEMF therapy device has 8 unique pre-set programs, which includes a custom program so you can choose a frequency of your choice if you wish to do so. The NeoRhythm’s maximum magnetic flux is 25 Gauss, which is well within the range considered entirely safe for at-home use, it is also scientifically confirmed to be effective and harmless.

A NeoRhythm user expressed “The NeoRhythm I use for different purposes, I use the alert for when I need extra brain power, meditation and deep relaxation for when I want to chill out.” Do you use PEMF when meditating or relaxing? Let us know in the comments below!

Why not share your experiences and ways that you cope with stress on socials using the hashtags to help raise awareness: #InternationalStressAwarenessWeek #StressAwarenessWeek #NationalStressAwarenessDay #StressSummit2021


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