PEMF therapy and chronic pain.

It is no surprise to us when chronic pain suffers come to us for recommendations to help them ease their pain. Chronic pain can be any condition that is severely painful for an individual.

PEMF’s have been well known for helping ease this kind of pain overprescribed drugs even. A lot of the time individuals find themselves researching PEMF therapy because all else including medications have failed them. Paracetamol is a common drug for easing pain but long-term use of this can have negative effects on the body as stated here by NHS choices –  ‘A new review of previous observational studies found that long-term use of paracetamol was linked with a small increased risk of adverse events such as heart attacks, gastrointestinal bleeds (bleeding inside the digestive system) and impaired kidney function.’

PEMF therapy is a drug-free alternative for pain relief. Chronic pain for those who suffer with it, can at times be unbearable. We would most likely recommend high-intensity systems for those individuals as it likely you will see results much faster however that is not to say that a lower intensity device won’t help you, it will; you just may find results come a little slower.  The coils in the mats work by sending pulses through the body (it is unlikely this will be felt) and work on regenerating the body’s tissues and cells. This has a knock on effect with inflammation, reducing it and therefore easing the pain. A lot of chronic pain can be caused by joints becoming inflamed.

Sometimes less chronic conditions can be treated by certain drugs but if problems persist, why keep putting those drugs into your body when there is the amazing alternative that is PEMF therapy? Dr Pawluk (PEMF therapy expert) says in his ‘when pain becomes chronic‘ article that ‘There is evidence that certain drugs are highly effective in treating acute pain such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, and opiates— but they are unpredictable or have no benefit in treating most chronic pain’.

I have also attached to this post, an account written by T W Arthur on the dangers of prescription drugs. Which I think could be an interesting read for those who do suffer chronically. I personally think he makes some valid points throughout. Click here to read: The Dangers of Prescription Medication

You may like to hear Francesca’s story too, about her journey with chronic pain and PEMF therapy. Find the video here. 

I hope you enjoyed this read!

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