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If you haven’t heard already, June was a pretty big month for NewMed. We signed a new deal with Oxford Medical Instruments (OMI) which means that we now have full exclusivity of their products in the UK. As the UK’s one-stop-shop for PEMF Therapy, this is a huge step forward for us and we are really excited to share it with our customers!

Wondering what exactly is OMI? Well, let me explain. The OMI range offers a variety of low-intensity systems, from portable and localised to full body. All of these systems use square waveform. Some of the products remain at one frequency and have one set program and some have up to 3 programs to offer, including customising your therapy. They are all easy to use, check out my recent video which shows you how to use the OMI full body mat in under 60 seconds! –

The OMI range includes the OMI medallion, pulse pad, mini mat, full body mat and OMI ring. I have summarised each product below, to show you how great they all are individually!

The OMI medallion – I have one of these on my desk in the office. They are great! Pocket-sized PEMF Therapy. We use them for magnetising our water, literally just touch it to turn it on and place your water bottle on top. You can literally take this device anywhere with you. It has a frequency range of 8hz so perfect for on-the-go PEMF Therapy, as a little top up throughout your day.

The OMI ringThis device has 3 programs. Two of which have pre-set frequency’s, one is for you to customise yourself. I always recommend this product to those with neck/ head injuries or conditions because it fits nicely placed on your shoulders.

The OMI pulse padAlso runs at 8hz consistently. I recommend this product to go under your pillow at night, to help you relax and get a better night’s sleep as the lower frequency will help your body to ease into a better sleep. However, there is no reason you can’t take this product out and about with you. Some people like to use it on their lower/upper back whilst driving!

The OMI Mini matThis mat has been designed for not only human use but pets too. It makes a full body mat for pets and a localised device for humans. This is the only reason it is different to the other products, it has 3 programs, two of which are pre-set just like the OMI ring and the full body system.

The OMI full body mat This is one of our bestsellers and if you have one already, you’ll know why. Its affordable, comfortable, so easy to use and really well made. It provides your whole body with PEMF Therapy, giving you a frequency range of up to 99Hz. We really recommend this alongside the Flexpulse device as it will give you consistent PEMF Therapy for the whole body and the Flexpulse provides you with the extra intensity you need in some areas.

That’s my personal summary on the OMI range but of course if you have any questions don’t be afraid to give us a call or drop us an  email, we are always happy to help and don’t forget, we are always offering deals on our website and on our social media pages to be sure to keep checking us out for the latest offers and discounts!

Thanks for reading.

Grace – NewMed sales assistant.



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