is your pet in pain?

Is your pet in pain? Manage animal pain with PEMF therapy

September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about pain and pain management in animals.

Animals suffer from pain just like we do but unfortunately, they cannot tell us when they are suffering. Do you know what signs to look out for if your pet is in pain? IVAPM have created this handy graphic to show the most common signs of pain to look out for:

Signs of pain in animals

There is also a hashtag to look out for, and use, on social media; #AnimalPainAwarenessMonth

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is a great non-invasive pain management tool for animals. It is used widely in veterinary care and in people’s homes.

PEMF therapy devices use electromagnetic fields to promote faster healing in animals. The therapy penetrates through the animal’s fur and skin and reaches the joints and muscles. Some devices can enable you to treat the entire animal, such as a coat or mat, depending on the size of the animal. The Biomag Lumina Vet Pro comes with different applicators that can allow whole-body therapy sessions.  The treatments are pain-free, drug-free, and easy to use.

Biomag Lumina Vet Pro PEMF device

There are several studies available about PEMF therapy, and evidence supports treatment for pain, wounds, and other indications. PEMF therapy treatments can also be combined with other therapies.

There are several PEMF therapy devices available for animals and they come in different styles. Some varieties of PEMF devices come in mats that animals can lie or sit on, such as the ePAD friends PEMF device, which comes with an automatic switch on when the animal goes onto the mat, enabling the animal to start the therapy themselves at any time.

Some PEMF devices come in the form of coats or wraps for specific parts of the body such as a horse’s leg. The Curavet is an example of this PEMF style.

Have you tried PEMF therapy for your animal? We would love to know how they got on, comment below to let us know.


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