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Find out how the Furry Temples have experienced amazing results with PEMF therapy

Michelle uses PEMF therapy on cats and dogs to help with different health issues.

The Furry Temples have been using PEMF therapy as the founder Michelle was keen to use non-invasive treatments on them, as one of her senior dogs was not a suitable candidate for surgery. We spoke to Michelle to see how she has been finding using the BioMag Lumina Vet PEMF device from NewMed…

How did you discover PEMF therapy and NewMed?

I had just invested in an ACTIVet Laser which I had shipped over from the US and before that, I had just started using an Assisi loop. My animals responded well to both treatments, so I started researching PEMF products and I thought it might be a great idea to get a mat to be able to treat the whole body and I really wanted one that had a longer shelf life, as the Assisi loop battery stops after a certain number of treatments which for a family of 8 furries with multiple ailments it wasn’t really cost-effective. I stumbled on the NewMed website after researching mats.

What problem, if any, were you trying to solve with the device?

Arthritis, skin dermatitis, joint inflammation, pain relief, and pain management. As starfish is a senior dog and wasn’t a suitable candidate for hip surgery I wanted to find as many non-invasive treatments as possible along with hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

What made you want to try the Biomag Lumina Vet PEMF device over others that are available?

It was recommended to me by your sales team and it seemed to be the best product on the market as far as I had researched and I like the fact it’s a medical device as my ACTIVet laser is also.

Are there any unique/ unusual ways that you have used the PEMF therapy device?

I have been using it myself, it’s part of our daily routine now. Starfish who has chronic arthritis gets the best use out of it. I also rest it over his back as I have seen it is used on horses. I have also tried the magnetising water program that was interesting!

Have you seen any additional benefits from PEMF therapy?

Yes combined with all Starfish’s medication, I really have seen an improvement. It relaxes him. Also, my Maltese poodle; Pooter, likes sitting on it on his back and I put meditation music on for them.

What would you tell someone considering PEMF for animals?

Please invest in one for your animals, especially if any have joint issues, or even if they don’t it helps to improve circulation and regenerates cells. At the end of the day, preventative measures are always better than having to correct!


We hope that you have found Michelle’s answers of interest. You can check out her Instagram page here or search starfishtemple to see all her animals using the Biomag PEMF device.


September is Animal Pain Awareness Month. This month is dedicated to raising awareness about pain and pain management in animals. PEMFs are great for people like Michelle who are trying to treat multiple ailments, and they are complimentary so work alongside other treatments and medications.

If you are interested in investing in a PEMF device for your furry loved one, then you can view the range of PEMF for animal devices available here or you can chat with one of the NewMed team here.

PEMF therapy devices are not only great for animals they are amazing for us humans too. If you wanted a device for both then NewMed can point you in the right direction.

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