Magnet testing for PEMF

How to test your PEMF therapy device is working, using a magnet!

When using most PEMF therapy devices you cannot see or feel the pulsed electromagnetic fields coming from your device which may cause worry as some may feel the device isn’t working as it should be. It can seem strange to lie on a PEMF therapy mat but not feel a thing.

Using a magnet tester a great and easy way to test that your device is working. You can quickly check the device if you are having any suspicions that it is not working, as well as checking it regularly so b that you can stay aware of the condition of your device, and in the unfortunate event that your device isn’t working as it should you will be able to act accordingly to correct the issue.

The magnet will allow you to physically see that the device is working. When the magnet is placed near the coils of your PEMF device it will be exposed to the magnetic fields. When exposed to the magnetic fields you will be able to see or hear the magnet moving which indicates that the device is working as it should be. We here at NewMed have our own magnetic testers which allows you to be able to hear the magnet as well as being able to see it.  The magnet will bounce around the casing due to entering the magnetic field which you will be able to hear if your device is working or you will be able to see the magnet moving. If your device isn’t working then the magnet will simply not move or make any sound.


We have a YouTube video with a demonstration that you can follow or watch for more information. We also have other videos about PEMF therapy that may be of interest.



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