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How quickly will I see results from PEMF therapy?

The body takes time to heal, everybody is different and many people experience results within the first week or two of using PEMF therapy, and others achieve results more slowly. Managing expectations is important, and there are many factors that can affect results including diet, mindset, and the degree of the problems within the body. When people start using PEMF therapy the first thing they notice is that they sleep better and feel more relaxed. For best results, it is important to be consistent with the therapy and to try and apply the therapy as soon as possible after a problem occurs.

Where can PEMFs be applied?

PEMF therapy sessions can take place anywhere you like; you can use your PEMF device whilst watching TV, in bed, reading, and so on.  Most systems will not interfere with electronic devices so you can use your phone whilst receiving the therapy!

Applicators should be located as close to the body as possible. Using PEMF over clothes makes no difference to using it directly on the skin, so you can keep your clothes on when using it!

To get the most benefit it is important to use your PEMF therapy device correctly, as outlined in the manufacturer’s protocols.

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2 thoughts on “How quickly will I see results from PEMF therapy?

    • Hi,
      I’ve been recommended to use this product for my rheumatoid arthritis. Do you have any reviews or blogs with the benefits for rheumatoid arthritis sufferers.

      • NewMed

        Hi Lisa, Thank you for your comment. PEMF therapy works differently for each individual and so it is not possible to say exactly how fast you will feel the positive improvements from PEMF therapy.

        It is not condition specific so it also depends on what you are looking to improve as to what the appropriate intensity and system would be to suit you individually.

        Most people however can notice the first signs of improvement within the first month of everyday use. The first noticeable differences are usually reduced inflammation, pain reduction, and improved sleep quality.

        Let us know if you would like us to contact you with further information. You can see more information on Arthritis and PEMFs here:

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