Electromagnetic therapy, the secret to Noel Edmonds health and vitality

I’m a celebrity star Noel Edmonds has been in the press recently; after telling a camp mate that he is turning 70 in December, it has sparked interest into how he is looking so good for his age.

According to the Daily Mail’s article, Noel believes that the secret to his health and vitality is electromagnetic therapy, along with diet and exercise.

Noel has previously spoken about electromagnetic therapy; he was reportedly recommended the therapy by his osteopath, for pain relief and to reduce swelling, and he told the Sun that he thought it was useless at first but stuck with it then could see his hair was thicker, nails were stronger and the exercise he was doing in the gym was becoming easier and less painful.

As we know electromagnetic or pulsed electromagnetism therapy also known as PEMF, has incredible benefits for the body. The general actions of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields have a variety of benefits to the body, including our skin. Regular use of PEMF therapy will keep the skin younger-looking by slowing down the natural aging breakdown of repair processes.

People often look to buy an electromagnetic therapy mat, when they need pain relief as Noel did. Then when they use the therapy they discover all its other benefits such as a good night’s sleep and better circulation. You can read our top 10 reasons for using PEMF here.

If you want to try a PEMF therapy like Noel has then a wide range of mats, including the one Noel uses are available here.

The Mirror has said that Noel’s friend said he took a mini version of the mat to Australia and slept on it on the flight so he would feel great Down Under!  PEMF therapy is available in different shapes and sizes to suit everybody and to make it accessible to people on the move. To see the full range in the UK’s one-stop shop for electromagnetic therapy you can go to www.newmedltd.co.uk or request a free brochure to find out more: https://www.newmedltd.co.uk/pages/brochure-request


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